Combat Reference Guide [Updated 16-Jan]

Can someone at scopely please update this w all the new skills. Exhaust. Daze. Beheading. Crosshairs. All the dual specialist skill.

Well, I’d say:

  1. Even 250% to 300% is a pretty big difference–20% big. It’s a toon going from 5k attack to 6k attack.
  2. Even though I detest and avoid this arena for other reasons(*), it still may affect my team-building and/or my attack strategy. I’m sure you’d agree you have a reasonably good eye for your toons that you’ve had a long time on whether they’ll get a kill or not. Which could easily affect whether you attack an enemy with a weaker or stronger toon first (with the goal being to conserve the second attack, with maximal damage, for a second defender). Just one hypothetical.
  3. Without devoting more brainpower to this issue, which I hope is cabined to this one small instance, I wouldn’t be surprised if this has, will, or currently appears in other parts of the game that you may end care about more.

Fact of the matter, it’s lazy writing, and it’s the simple difference between “additive” and “multiplicative” numbers, which everyone at a game company likely understands.

and edit to add: one shouldn’t need to visit forums/google to understand the meaning of in-game tooltips.

(*) the main reason being that every trait except red (already commonly accepted as the “best” trait) is messed with, while red is just boosted further versus green (commonly accepted as the best “accessible” trait). When this mode came out, I assumed it would vary every time, and it doesn’t. But that’s neither here nor there in this thread I suppose–don’t want to derail a helpful thread.

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What does crosshair do?

targets under the influence of crosshair become decapitated when dead


I really wish that they would update the lists above to include all of the new stuff that’s bin add and what these things do so we have someplace to reference from @CombatDevIl can you please look into updating the combat reference guider please or get someone that does work in this area to update it thanks

Anything about “infected” status?


Thank you

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely Hi. I am missing one collection in museum. Probably No 7 as i cant see cause of missing. I know we had this collection where we cuold get 30 journals. Can you look? Thanks

Please contact our customer support by following this link they can have a look at this for you.
Note: Remember to provide them your account code if you can. (you will find this code in the following format within your player profile in the game (XXX-XXX-XXX)](

I already sent but no answer


can anyone say, what concentration is? I found no description. Thx.

Do you mean focus?

Thats the question. I know the german translation. In the past focus was translated as Fokus. Now i see in the new armory in a description that yo u can get Konzentration, translated in english concentration. Red weapon defender Level 4 critical upgrade success. And nobody seems to know what it means…

If this is what you are talking about then it is focus.

It is. Thx.

Amplification lv4 for Strong toons says: “When attacking, +80% attack against enemies who are stunned”.

Suppose I have Alice for +75% ATK, and ATK vs trait mod, does the amplification bonus stack along the other bonuses? If not, how does it work?

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This needs to be updated Scopely

Oh umm there isa typo here.

Any one know what trauma does?

it gives maim damage for some when you heal or try to take away bleed/burn

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