Combat Reference Guide [Updated 16-Jan]

Waste Not would trigger twice.


Typo in calculations about attack status buff here since it says 20% and calculated as 30%?

This is same for Decapitate afaik. My Abraham’s bleed does not trigger decapitate. It can be noted under Decapitate.

About pain split, how does trait advantage calculated in the mix?
Like a red(alert) and a green(strong) toon pain splitting and a blue(tough) toon attacking scenarios as follow:
A) tough toon single targeting red
B) tough toon single targeting green

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Bleed also does not trigger Parting Shot, as the damage isn’t coming from an attack. I assume Decapitate doesn’t trigger for the same reason.

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Yes, who caused bleed is not considered the attacker of bleed. Bleed and Burn are unknown attacker damage, so that they do not trigger skills that need an attacker.


Pain split takes only the primary target for calculating damage. It calculates the total damage, then divides by 2, and gives an half for each one.

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so if the attacker does have trait advantange it does hit extra damage to splitted toon also which makes it double-edged. It also applies to the defense stats aswell then in a scenario like a hard hitting 6* toon using adrenaline rush on a toon he has trait advange over splitting to a toon of a different trait can kill both easily and if the primary target is a 5* or a low defense toon pain split can do more harm than good and become a negative effect even.

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This is correct. Generally characters that apply pain split will also apply some sort of defense bonus or taunt alongside it to avoid this, and using other effects in tandem like Human Shield or Evasion can also help improve the effect. Currently the game prioritizes your highest current HP ally for the split, which generally should end up being someone pretty survivable.

It would of course be better if you could pick an ally manually, but there’s a whole bunch of ux logic and combat code we’d need to work through to get that in there.

Waste Not operates on the same principle, so targeting a low HP Glass Cannon you’ve got advantage over with a Waste Not character can result in a huge amount of overflow damage if you plan out your attack order effectively.


I’ll re-check a few of those Pain Split/Waste Not scenarios, but they should work as CombatDevil described, afaik


How does applying multiple AR buffs of different duration?

eg. If in one round you apply both: a) +30% def for 5 turns and b) +80% def for 2 turns.

Should it work:
turn 1&2 +80%def
turn 3-5 +30%def

Great posts, thank you


When this specialist is defeated, their death is delayed for 1 turn and they may still act.
For the purposes of win/lose conditions and revives, the character is treated as living

At war, when I defeat an enemy with my outlast toon triggered, regarding to points, I get 180 instead of 240 (not a clean hit). It’s intended or a bug?

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The strongest will replace it, then in this case, the 30% would be replaced by 80%.

If you had received 80% first, 30% wouldn’t have been applied.

What are the odds of being blocked by Absolute Defense?
& does the defenders overall defense stat have any impact on those odds

Any chance you could share the actual damage calculation? I’d like to be able to build a damage calculator so I can know what damage ranges I can expect in certain scenarios. It would help with team building for attack and defense.

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Sorry, I can’t.

Roughly 1 in 3 for ‘better’, higher for ‘greater’ (though only Survival Road enemies have those greater weapons). Because of the nature of RNG and confirmation bias, you’ll see streaks of both activations and failures that don’t look to line up statistically. ARs and Actives don’t trigger weapon effects either.

Nope. Just will reduce the damage they do take when the weapon doesn’t do its thing.

Unfortunately as with Dash on the old forums, I can’t give out the actual final formula, but I can reiterate the points given there

  • Trait advantage is x2 damage
  • Crits are x1.5 damage
  • All active relevant stat multipliers are applied together first before any other calculations get made
  • There’s a damage range we think of as between 85% and 100% of max damage.
  • Attack is not 1:1 with Defense. You can see this across the different rarity tiers. As Attack and Defense both Increase roughly equally, more overall damage is done per hit, which lines up with increased HP. This is why 6 stars generally have a somewhat different ratio in their stat distribution

@CombatDevIl @CombatMan @Agrajag

Does the Special Mod “Double Attack” gives 2x AP?

Nop :slight_smile: .


Oh thats another question.

Double attack pkus Collsteral damage, can both hits end up being Collateral damage?

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That brings up another question on Double Attack:

If a character has a rush that says “Deal 2 attacks of 350% Damage” like 6* “A New Threat” Dwight, if he has a Double Attack Weapon, could he potentially do a Double Attack with each of those 2 attacks? Therefore having 4 attacks?

surely sure.