Combat Reference Guide [Updated 16-Jan]

It is. Thx.

Amplification lv4 for Strong toons says: “When attacking, +80% attack against enemies who are stunned”.

Suppose I have Alice for +75% ATK, and ATK vs trait mod, does the amplification bonus stack along the other bonuses? If not, how does it work?

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This needs to be updated Scopely

Oh umm there isa typo here.

Any one know what trauma does?

it gives maim damage for some when you heal or try to take away bleed/burn

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Forgive for being dim, but is there a reference guide for newer skills like Daze, Normalise, Infection, Trauma & Exaust?

Can’t see them on the OP & not scolling though 800+ mesages>


Most of that can be found in game. I don’t believe they’ve added Normalise yet but that’s answered somewhere on the forums.

In combat press the “TRAITS” button and it gives you options to scroll through. This also shows up when you edit a team.


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BTW infection was the last thing to be entered into the combat guide thing in the game. Where’s normalize and all the new stuff

All that anyone needs to know now is. get 2 priyas 2 commands 1 Dr Stevens

Apply double attack and Rampage to priyas

Pwn everyone !!!1


Query about this effect that I think allot of people will be intested in…

Conditional (Attack/Defense/Crit) Bonus
A wide variety of weapon effects fall under this umbrella (ex. “35% Def when taking damage from enemies with more than 60% of their HP”), and simply grant their described bonus to stats for the relevant attack instance. Once the attack is resolved, the relevant fighters’ stats go back as they were before the effect.”

Does this also apply in accordance with the new 5*weapon effects. For example, if I have a weapon that states, " +45 crit when attacking enemies with 50% or more HP, (then also on that same weapon) when attacking increase this characters attack Stat by 200 %of this characters crit trait. Does the added crit from the first effect then change parameters for the increase from the second /epic weapon effect? All at once in a single attack?

I haven’t found anything for Normalize yet. It would be nice to know if focus is affected.

Have you tried:

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Can someone answer my question? Plz

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the 200% of crit stat is a small increase in flat damage. 200% of a toons crit chance is 10 x 200% = 20 extra damage (if not crit chance mods, crit weapon, lead skill, in game buff). So at the moment that second 200% crit effect is very ineffective and shouldn’t impact it - seeing as it does flat damage

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Question. Anyone figure out if you can stack multiple instances of “Slow”? For example If yellow gov and Olivia use Slow on the same or different turns when slow’s already been applied

Can’t stack slow

Oh well. Thanks

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