Combat Reference Guide [Updated 07/11]

There is a problem where multiple ap up toon they are giving ap to toon that already have maxed ap which is sinceless and needs fixed I have proof but is an iPhone video and I can’t post on forum so stupid scopely fix ur shit your alienating half ur players by not allowing them to post videos

Mods are a flat increaae and don’t get affected by leader or weapon skills. Probably the source of the confusion

We could help explain if you told us what stats don’t add up. Is it the amount of damage done to Andrea seems low, is it your attack stats don’t seem to be the value you expect them to be?

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Does your sandy have a trait dmg mod for yellow on her? If not then it really does make sense. You dont have an attk stat buff yet, nor a defense down debuff on your enemies.

And Andrea is defending so she gets the added 50% defense and she has a 46% graze mod which went off on the very first hit.

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What’s got me confused is the attack of Sandy (4k + 300%) against Andrea’s def stat (about 2.4k + 50% shield def buff = 3.6k?) Doing only 300 hp damage.

Just trying to understand is all. I could modify my team better if I understood the mechanics more. Cheers

Ahhhhhh just saw your post about graze mod! Thanks!

Well there technically was a 15% attack buff from territory, but I’m still not sure where that sits in the calculations.


Quick Question about New status Trauma & Crosshairs. How does one clear it?
And can Crosshair Trauma both considered as a Penalty Statuses ?

Haven’t even seen the definition of crosshairs, what is it?

You decap theopponent with normal and ar attacks if he is under influence of crosshair.
Do the roadmap of raulito

Thanks, don’t think it was working right when it came out because didn’t explain it when I played through

In the Trait Mania arena: “bonus damage from trait advantages is increased by 50%.”

Extremely annoying when things are described this way, because it’s so ambiguous. Video game (and tons of people in other contexts) do it ALL the timeeee. STOP IT! You could easily say “50% more” if you mean an additive increase, or “multiplied,” etc., for a multiplicative boost. A % times a % is much different than a % plus a %!!!

I’d love to know the actual answer, in this case, though.

Fact: standard trait boost is double damage, i.e., 200% damage.

Is it:
A) The “50% increase” adds 50% more damage to the bonus? That is, 200%+50%=250% trait advantage?
B) The “50% increase” multiples the bonus by 50%? That is, 200%*1.5=300% trait advantage?

The text can 100% either. This text should be changed. Would appreciate clarification though.

The effect, in any case, is that trait advantage is much more powerful. Do the exact numbers really make much difference?

Yes. It’s a very substantial difference. Especially when you combine that difference with the many other multipliers in this game, you could be talking thousands of damage difference. And why not? Why use ambiguous or just mathematically ignorant language when language exists that accurately represents the actual intent & effect?

Sure - I understand that it’s difference in terms of the actual result.

What I mean is that it is unlikely to make a difference in terms of the toons you select for Trait Mania.

Typically, the way things work (fairly consistently) throughout the game is that multipliers are applied sequentially. This would mean a 300% trait advantage. But whether it’s 300% or 250% is it really going to affect your choices?

Два вопроса:
1- что даёт защита? на сколько процентов снижается урон при защите:
а) 1000
б) 2000
В) 3000
Или напишите приблизительную формулу расчета.

2- максимально достижимый критический урон в %.
и как он расчитывается.
например базовый 10 + оружие 24 + мод защита 40 + комплект модов 50%
(10+24+40)*1,5= 111 (но не может быть более …)

Опытным путем я вычислил. что защита в 2000 дает снижение урона на(90-93%)
защита в 2500 на 95%, защита в 2900 на 96%, защита в 3400 на 96%.
Можно вашу таблицу или примерные расчеты зависимости получаемого урона от защиты

Two questions:
1- what does protection give? how many percent damage is reduced during protection:
a) 1000
b) 2000
B) 3000
Or write an approximate calculation formula.

2- maximum achievable critical damage in%.
and how it is calculated.
for example, basic 10 + weapons 24 + mod protection 40 + set of mods 50%
(10 + 24 + 40) * 1.5 = 111 (but could not be more …)
Empirically, I calculated. that protection in 2000 gives damage reduction by (90-93%)
protection in 2500 by 95%, protection in 2900 by 96%, protection in 3400 by 96%.
Can your table or approximate calculations of the dependence of received damage on protection

I think an explanation for exhaust active skill needs to be added in. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

There are actually 4 new skills that need to be added. I’ll get them in next week.