Combat Reference Guide [Updated 07/11]

Actually it’s not even giving you 50 only 30 here is proof this was right after I rushed and I activated active skill

Can you catch this on video? I’ll add it to the bugs thread.

Okay, why are @CombatMan, @Agrajag and @CombatDevIl’s names still in existence? Considering the fact that they haven’t replied to anything in a very long time, either remove them from existence or let them back onto the forums.


Combatman was still popping in around February. Neither of the other two have been on this year. Of course they all stopped posting suspiciously right after that other developer let slip about Michonnegate. Which was a classic example of how this company operates - concern for profit before concern for players


Guys I have question about bonus HP. If I have a toon with a bonus HP on its rush, who is gonna get the bonus HP when it popping its rush? Is it implemented to random toon or a specific toon like pain split status?

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Sleeping with the fishes now lol

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A random toon. When my Zeke rushes, the bonus HP never goes to a specific toon, as I’ve noted on Survival Road. Sometimes it goes to Zeke, sometimes it doesn’t, once Lilly got the bonus HP, the next time Mira did instead. 100% random.

Well they were IUGO.

So not technically scopely as such was likely a very uncomfortable situation.

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Thanks man!

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Most of this can be found in game. Like the combat stats and the skills. The rest is awesome information!

Is there a download for this?

Follow these quick and easy steps.

  1. Control + A
  2. Control + C
  3. Open Word (other word processing software is available)
  4. Control + V

Optionally, if a physical output is preferred, try this final step
5. Control + P

@CombatDevIl is maim damage is do damage if chr have shield blue (gurdain shield ) or it bug?

Yes maim bypasses guardian shield

For some clarity around Beheading (Axel)

The Decapitate portion of the effect will always trigger on kill, regardless. If the enemy happens to be below the 20%, then it performs the instant kill.


Pain split and Dr Stevens weapon question:
If Dr Stevens was pain split with red beta. And U hit beta, will there be a chance for Dr Stevens weapon to proc?

His weapon says when being attacked. Not when taking damage. Meaning NO.

Pain split with beta and Stevens and just hitting beta will not proc doctor stevens weapon.


Does reflect mods reflect maim ? @CombatDevIl

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Why isn’t ap down mods working on Mia when you kill her they should effect her outlast

Outlast’s 100% AP effect probably occurs after the AP mod actives.

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