Combat Mods Video! Let's talk about this awesome new addition in BETA!

Hope you all enjoy the biggest thing to be added to the game recently!


Really excited :heart::heart:
Your video is miles better than mine. I said in mine to check yours out :joy: I might need help when we get it in game haha


Rekt-oning is upon us.

Wonder how broken this will make things, guess disarm will be even more mandatory once this hits live


Fuck this shit


I think its time for me to quit


Not a fan

If its released just dont build the structure

You guys are putting a giant engine into a car without modifying any other part to uandle the extra load. Lets get the basics down u made the most money when their were solid promos entertaining events and rewards worth giving up sleep for


Ha, you actually think they’re gonna fix some of their bugs?

To be fair I gave it a run on beta and it takes alot to upgrade mods time, materials ect. Also scraps which is needed to upgrade can only be obtained daily once so once ur stash for the day is gone ur done for the day, for example expect to be able to only max like 2 bronze mods a day, it’s really not too op and will probably be awhile before actually effecting the game too much after being implemented. F2p guys n others don’t have much to worry about biggest thing i see is the resist making raids a bit more difficult but honestly teams are all copied now and not very hard to beat, this can spice it up a bit


They will be for sale bud … gold ones in a rng box . Bet me


O im personally assuming this is gonna be a cash cow. Just trying to see bright sides lol

There will be no bright side imo I seen this coming when they started the necklace event . Whenever they do any kind of great event like this be prepared for the other shoe to drop . It will cause another devide and the non spenders or less actives will get left in the dust say goodbye to another 20 or 30 percent of your regions


It’s gonna be a big change, fact is alot of people don’t like change lol. Good or bad the big change itself will make some drop off without even trying same happened when 6s was first dropped. I honestly thought 6s was gonna kill the game immediately as I seen the same type of thing happen to a previous game I played (marvel war of heroes if anyone played!)

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Would rather the team work on successfully merging regions first.

Please stop with the new features.

Developers should have pride in their work, upper management should allow Devs to fix what’s broken and figure out how to merge regions before adding new features…


Hilarious amounts of wood indeed.

Anyway, this is a good feature but being handled by a company with a bad rep at a bad time.

If the best mods are tied to events, congrats on rewarding the exploiting top players instead of fixing the exploits and taking action against the players (note: I was going to link to my post of the Marvel Strike Force devs action against exploiters, but looks like it was deleted). If they’re tied to spending, unless they’re priced realistically, mods are still something most players won’t enjoy.

All in all, I don’t see much good coming from this. But it’s still early. Let’s see how it plays out. Maybe they’ll give us a free, really useful one to start, like they did with guardian Zeke.


Scopley logic:
Game is stale because there is no variety in teams. Create new feature to make minor differences between teams with same characters rather than just release more characters.

Would love to test this feature out but my game is now fucked thanks to the update


Finally, shields will be able to have resistances rates. Gj Scopely.

Prob be 2 weeks so