Combat Mods (Betas)


So for those lucky few that are beta testing the combat mods…

How are they really? Are they improving or reducing gameplay? Any input or heads-up for the rest of the community? Should they actually be released to the community at large?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


5 stars use the mods too…they are in roadmap in beta now


Honestly its hard to tell in beta due to the lack of certain items like decent weapons etc.

What i will say is this you can notice when certain charcaters are using mods , and while some seem like they could be implemented well and help add variety into the game others do not, and i suspect it will get to the point like weapons where only certain mods are used.

Put it this way there is a Mod to resist Maim damage , this percentage can be as high as 75% so if you own Green negan (6*) when he uses his ar you could literaly only use it to get 40 crit for 2 turns


What does the enemy dossiers look like in raids? Could you post some screenshots? Or pm


if i find this new mods OP ill nuke my account…scopely is really killing the game…:rage:


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