Combat mods arent realistic in the walking dead world

If anything, yall should have made Armor for characters instead of Mods. It would flow SO MUCH more smoothly in the game.
Let us craft armor just like weapons that we can equip similarly to these mods. This would keep the walking dead game more genuine, so please consider armor instead of combat mods. @CombatDevIl @Agrajag @kalishane


We can even use the same Scrap materials system to build our scrap armor pieces, and these pieces couls be applied visually to our characters in combat. Please keep the fantasy of mechanical mods out of the game, armor can come with the same features but with so much more realism. Thanks.


I like your style, survival buddy. But realism and logic? In a game where you deal headshots to a human being and they only suffer “critical damage”?



Or how about when shooting higher tier walkers and they don’t die 1 shot? Normal people would shoot the head.


Or using blunt or sharp weapons, same difference.

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There are many aspects that are not realistic, but it would be nice to keep as many aspects as possible realistic.

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Should’ve been realistic from the start then.

Let’s remake the game so everyone dies in a single strike/shot!


The purpose of beta is to deploy features to be reviewed and tested before going live. If they want to take this post and improve on combat mods by making it armor instead, that’d be great. No reason to troll.

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Oh no no, dear friend. Trolling is not of my nature. I just think it would be hilarious if, somehow, they updated the Scrap Shop version of the game to fit your idea, which I actually find brilliant to be honest, they end up making the game too realistic and break it.

Imagine being able to win raids everytime because anybody dies from a single attack because, in reality, not many people survives an axe to the back or a bullet throught their chest.

Ha ha. Just trying to keep mechanical fantasy out of the game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Actually, lots of folks survive getting shot in the head(with pistols especially). The forehead is pretty hard and rounded, so it’s not uncommon for the bullet to make a really disgusting looking wound, but not kill. It’s why we teach people to shoot for the intraocular T. It is a much higher percentage shot than the forehead.

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But when you have people with lots of experience in killing walkers, there’s really no excuse for them :joy:

If you can’t taunt a zombie then not much use applying logic to this game. Pretty sure if zombies come there will be people running around with mini guns and flame throwers with unlimited ammo as well.

You honestly think that after scopely putting their new money maker in beta they will cancel it? It’s like america stopping their iraq mission when they just start to drill for oil…

I’m pretty sure that’s the reason not to do armor instead of mods. Having armor, but no visual representation of it (when you have it for weapons) would be pretty weird (and defeat the realism). But adding the possibility to do this would probably require significant amounts of coding, and even worse art - you would have to change literally every toon in the game to support this, and as they have different proportions probably need to create custom drawings for many armor/toon combinations. It would probably take many months of work to do this, and there’s plenty of other things in the game that people want fixed/changed that investing the time in armor is probably not worth it.

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Could make it visual by just changing the texture of a char. And then i mean just colours. Will give some diversity to teams too and it would let us see what we can expect from an opponent in war. Like a blue bandana is char with impair, red with stun, green with -ap, or whatever. Something they should have done with the glow on weapons already. It annoys me to have to look everytime what chars have equiped.

Yeah, hats or something like that would probaby be easier to do, although it might still lead to problems for example with people already wearing hats. Color shifts might also work, but could still look quite weird; a lot of people like the art style of the game and I would assume that the potential to break this is a consideration. Similarly, many games have some form of armor change and appearance manipulation (which is usually also a nice source of extra income) so I’m sure that the devs thought about it, and the fact that they didn’t go for it suggests that its not feasible.

Yer @DrJank is correct coding costumes would be too time consuming I think even without the visual aspects it’s a perferable idea maybe wristbands necklaces and belts with attachments then u cud get away with not showing them on the character’s.

I have serious doubts of this.

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K. You’ve never played a beta for any game then.

Don’t forget getting blasted from a guy in a tank you can still walk away from just a little bruised…

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