Combat mechanics not working as intended

So I have this sweet stun resist mod right. Gold, 63.5%, Awesome! Check it out:

Put it on Mirabelle because she recovers stun. Makes sense against those windowless teams right?

I also have a bronze 22% one on Tripp, because, well, he can recover stun too.

Pretty decent strategy if you ask me. Let’s have a look at the numbers:

For Mira, if a better chance weapon should proc 35% of the time, and Mira should resist 63.5% of the time, then the overall percentage of the time she should get stunned would be:
(0.35-(0.35*0.635)) = 12.775% of the time.

For Tripp, the math would be more like:
(0.35-(0.35*0.22)) = 27.3% of the time.

I think the math for both of them being stunned in the same turn looks something like:
0.12775*0.273 = 3.487575% of the time.

Also, I’m pretty sure the math for this

Happening 4 times in a row looks something like:
0.03487575 (to power 4) =
1.479429326 * 10 (to power -6)

Or 0.000001479429326

Or 0.0001479429326% of the time.

Or 1 in 675,936

I just witnessed an event that statistically, I would be unlikely to ever see. Both of my recover stun toons got stunned in the first turn of a raid, 4 raids in a row, even though they both have stun resistance mods. Amazing!

So the question becomes, is it more likely that I just witnessed a 1 in 675,936 event? Or is it more likely that the internal game mechanics are broken?

(Please let me know if my math is wrong)


Odd thing to say… :thinking:

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I say it‘s unlikely you witnessed a 1 in 675,936, mate.

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I’m having the same issues with michonne. Up until maybe a week ago I was disarming probably 85%+ of the time. I’m getting crits now only about 50%. I wonder if they added a base crit bonus to defenders? Idk…

She should be hitting crits more than 50% of the time

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Actually, that set of mods increases the damage done when she crits, by 50%. The actual crit algorithm is undisclosed. With 88 crit total (53 from the mod(s) and 35 from the weapon) players don’t know what the % chance of getting a crit will be.

The devs did say that it reached 50% at a certain number, (I don’t remember the number) but that was before the nerf. It also increases in a logarithmic arc, so the first 10 crit increases the overall percentage more than the 10 from 11 to 20. It is designed in such a way that one can never achieve 100% crit chance, even with over 120 crit. It is explained somewhere in here :alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects] but it’s a huge thread, so good luck finding it.

That’s a freakin sweet Michonne by the way. Nice.

Mechanics are completely broken. It was reported dozens of times but our feedback is falling onto deaf ears. They haven’t even responded to these threads afaik.

As if the problems would go away if they do not acknowledge them. This is starting to become a real farce and on top it’s highly unprofessional in my book. What a joke this has become.



3 words for this thread : Fix This Problem, thats all. @JB.Scopely

This will be the real death of the game. I already have a couple people in my faction quitting after This war. The time out teams every whale is running and combat mechanics not working even close to right is just driving FTP away in droves. Looks like that is the real end game scenario. Keep dropping new toons to get people to buy while the game dies from lack of actually fixing anything. Allow the meta to be so op and put no balance out there to help the vast majority of the player base. Dwindel the numbers down enough that migration wont be needed they can just shut down the game without fear of a lawsuit backlash if there are just not enough people to play. This is getting real sad cause basic combat mechanics are failing and all we get is the next promo.


I remember when the IUGO guys would be right on top of these issues, fixing them quickly, asking for additional input when they had problem reproducing issues, you know, they acted like professional programmers.

WTF happened? The courtesy of any answer from anyone in IUGO/Scopely would be appropriate. How long does it take to write a sentence or two?

@combatman @CombatDevIl @SandySurvivor @JB.Scopely

I just hate the situations where enemy toons with a stun icon on are taking turns left and right. It’s really annoying and broken af.

How bout Abso def blocking every attack… happening all war, stun hitting your players on every attack as well as impair you’re absolutely right the game mechanics are broke

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Yeah I agree its bullshit

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Yeah I Put Crit on my zeke because I wanted him to crit constantly. I am now kicking myself for not going for Abs Def like everyone else has since he seems to crit just as often with or without it.

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I have seen the stun and confuse resists working at about 95%. Seeing “resist” pop up 10-20 times before a stun occurs. On a 50-60% resist, this should not be happening as often as it does.

But then again, Mackenzie isn’t supposed to be able to revive 5 times in one combat either, so there is that too…

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cant even count how many times taunted enemies fired off ARs this war. #ModsKilledCombat


Yeah, it’s bad enough that you need to rely on stun and confuse to take down a time out team, but when you’re running a team with 5 stun sticks, and you can’t wreck one character at a time because the last hit stun resists and undoes your stun… I hate when everyone in here says things are game breaking, but this actually is.


How about the enemy team hits me then the game pauses for about 3 seconds and they take another turn. That happened to me. My turn was completely skipped.


This silence of the devs are killing me, what it costs to get here and say we are aware of this and working in correction, or this will be corrected in the next update or I do not know, just say something, the game is with so many bugs and problems and no soul appears To tell you what’s going on.

Oh, but they are working in regions tranfer, they need time.
Come on, I do not think they need to leave the forum for this, and leave all their clients in the dark.

If this game does not improve in many ways like Rewards, Events and bla bla bla, regions transfer will not save this game.