Combat AI Changes Details - June 7

Lots of issues but main things atm is still ai and negan don’t want this all to get lost because of the coin fiasco testing it in war is wasn’t any good because of towers being attacking based over blitz

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In one sentence you say they programmed it to always hit negan from your testing.

Then you wrap up your argument by saying, it very rarely misses negan.

Can’t have both.

I was wrong. AI is still shit. Fyuck you guys for that.

You still seriously need to look at weapons too. I have no issue with weapons kicking in but these 2 full turns of consecutive abs defence or instant team impair round 1 is complete bullshit. Fix the fyucking game.

All battles ending in time outs is way beyond stale and now just frigging ridiculous.


Nah, you’re just doing it wrong, please refer to the countless people who have no issue with the update. You need to “adapt”. Start working on that! :+1:

Can we get an update on further work on this @ForumAdmin? :blush:

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What exactly did you change because 95% of the time it’s still just a dogpile?

Get your head out of your rear and revert it. Having to use your HS on every attack team is lame as funk.


CRW is here with crappy towers and AI.

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They changed the 5%


Kinda seems like it was better post update and now it’s back to when they updated the first time. Shady

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Even with the revised update, some toons are still getting dogpiled on at least half the battles. Sometimes you go into a battle and get dogpiled and destroyed, sometimes you go in and they all attack randomly and it seems a lot better.

With that said, you’re flipping a coin everytime you enter a battle on whether or not you will get dogpiled. I’m still forced to use a shield on attack just to be cautious and it blows.

Just go back to the way it was for the past 3 years and stop messing with things. It’s annoying and has definitely hindered our team making abilities and turned them all into shield on attack teams.

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It still sucks

agree. revert back to what it’s used to be. This AI change was not requested nor welcomed

Nothing has changed practically anything, I guess you’re kidding us. I would like to understand what your changes were and if you really did. restore everything as it was before people are fed up you can’t play like that

AI still sucks

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still suckSS

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“We have collected even more data and the overwhelming majority of the players hate the changes we made with the AI so starting Monday we will not be changing a single thing.”

“Welcome to the Dogpile!” :dog:


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Since everyone seems to hate dogpiling, why not make it fair? Make it so toons can’t be attacked twice in one turn while there are toons that haven’t been attacked yet. Dogpile protection for both sides, giving us players exactly what we asked for.

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