Combat AI Changes Details - June 7


Having completed a serious review of the recent changes made to the game’s combat AI and listening to feedback from players, we will soon be launching an update that makes significant changes to Road to Survival’s combat AI. Our goal with these changes is to make a better combat experience for players at all levels.

The below changes will be live today (Friday, June 7).

Combat AI Updates

  • Characters will still focus as a group on individual targets, but will do so less frequently.

    • Each character has an independent chance to attack a “focus target”.

    • The following will influence which opponent the AI will choose as the focus target:

      • If there is Trait Advantage against the target (and how much).
      • If the target is affected by Disarm, Impair, Stun, or Elusive.
      • If the target was attacked the previous turn.
  • The AI may still exhibit preferred combat patterns against your particular team(s), though it is now less likely to continuously attack the same character (with the entire team) each turn.

    • The AI will still have a better understanding of prioritization, allowing buffs, debuffs, and other targeting effects to be used more effectively.
  • The AI will prioritize opponents against which it has Trait Advantage more often.

    • There is no guarantee that each AI character will always target Trait Advantage, but the chances of doing so have increased.

    • If a character does not attack the focus target, then it will randomly select an enemy (with preference to trait advantage).

  • The chances of the AI team ganging up on your lowest-health characters every turn has been reduced.

Thank you again for your feedback on the AI changes and let us know what you think of these new updates as you test them out.


Live, what time?

Test it out during a hmm blitz war, sweet!

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Thanks for the change. This tweaked version seems like it’ll be just right.


Hopefully it’s a good middle-ground between the two, but we shall see at this stage. Good job on noticing a clearly unpopular move and moving to rectify it.


Seems like a solid middle ground and where is should have been to begin with. I like it


Sounds good on paper but we will see how it translates from the page into the game.

Does this set of rules also apply to your offense when you hit auto? I see no reason the offensive AI should still attack with a different set of rules (i.e. worse) than the defense does.


Not bad Not bad this time scopely. We will see though :wink:

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Thank you, this seems about right for the AI.

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The old AI was fine no need to change it back now

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Do you mean the old AI or the old new AI, or the new old AI?


Sounds promising but we’ve all learned not to get our hopes up for anything Scopely does.



Hmmmmmmm :thinking:

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I’m cautiously optimistic about these changes, but I greatly appreciate scopely listening to player feedback and reacting in a timely manner on this subject.


~Big Think~


thank you for the update information

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Kinda sucks. We had a good potential for challenging fights against advanced AI. Could have made it more fun by actually giving players what they needed to do well against it

But nah, going back to the magic 8 ball AI is what we went with instead

Why is progression being treated like the devs have forgotten about it? What’s the last GOOD toon we’ve all had a solid chance at since last season’s Charlie?

Quit sitting on your thumbs and make something actually good for us to work for and then use to progress, because that’s what RPG’s are all about. Not twiddling with the AI to fix it, then break it again so it matches the rest of the broken game


What players? Was none left lol. New toons wouldn’t have fixed the extremities of the old new AI


Strongly disagree

The new AI had many viable strategies that worked to counter it, with a variety of free and paid tools that were part of those strategies

It felt good as a player to find them. That’s what gaming is all about. See a challenge, and overcome it.

This game is not like a shooter or a platformer though, where the tools to overcome most challenges are present at the beginning of the game. Here, the tools like disarms, shields, lacerators (for alternate attack teams), guardians, revives, etc are missing from a very large portion of players’ rosters, and no amount of practice or adjustments in technique will make up for that

So the options were to provide the tools, or to remove the challenge

They opted for the latter