Color me impressed

The new amber is looking pretty good but @High_Power called a 600% damage to 3 toon. She is not a decapitate but she is a 100% heal reduction. When High_power pitched the idea for a new aiko toon he wanted a decap with 600 to 3. Most said it was broken but a week later there is a toon with 600 to 3 and 100 heal reduction for 1 turn and can attack again if it kills(Witch it will). If her rush goes off yellows are guaranteed to die. Looks like shield jesus has a new enemy.


Amber is cool and all, but she isn’t Aiko… so I rate her 0/10 Aikos


If i was straight, i’d ask both of them out on a date for ramen, and bubble tea

The heal reduction isnt 3 turns

This is a big difference from her heal reduc being 1 turn

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