Collusion in war

Scopely, is there any way to stop factions colluding to give each other points? We have 2 new Russian factions - “Drinking Straw Day” and “Freedom (Newton)” in our region (Terrell) and they have been discussing in GC to give points to each other in matchups to make sure that they finish 2nd & 3rd in current AoW.

I don’t know if there is any written rule to prevent factions from doing this…but regardless, it really takes the p!ss. Why should we all try so hard if this is gonna happen…?


Russians and collusion? Lol


Feeding each other points isn’t very profitable for the factions unless both sides are spending a lot of coins and cans.

If they aren’t, you should be able to beat them without worry.

And, if they are, it’s very profitable for Scopley so Scopley are not going to be inclined to do anything about it

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What will be done? Nothing…

Steal the tactics off them.

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Is it cheating if a region wants its players to get milestones rewards by taking and helping each other out … Nope. Especially when search will take 30 mins to an hour.


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