Collections in museum

I’m sure I’m not the only one that notices that things are always either disappearing arriving late int the museum it would certainly be nice to actually know why we are trying to do these roadmaps or get milestones ect. I’d also like to know why did they take regular Pete ( non s class) from the museum ? They didn’t take the pryia regular 6* so why is it that we can’t get the regular Pete if we choose to do so @players Council you should get on wcopley about this stuff

Just stop at least with pete you eont have to spend 5k dollars to get him…

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What a stupid thing to say really…your basically saying that it’s completely fine that scopely half asses everything and that the missing or late info all the time is ok along with collections that should still be active went missing and this is perfectly fine so stupid go stick up for scopely some where else

i have mostly Pete and I have spent almost $20 so…

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