Collection items way to many different items

I thought scopely said that we were going to use the collection items over and over agin but yet they keep adding new collection items for every new too that comes out so basically we are stuck with all these bits and pieces of these collections. It’s so stupid why would they not just have like 2or 3 different items and be done with it but no we have beach balls sea shells stuffed dogs old Christmas items from year one there are a remendious amount of collection items we all ready have and then now we 100 different kinds of cake shotgun shells ice cream cones keys wtf it starting to be completely out of hand there is no need for this many different types of items.


I agree. It costs all the same. Keep the items the same and let us choose what tf we want. Players should get choice and rewards instead of useless dribs and drabs


The issue is that then they cant sell the newest s class like they are, most whales have all the s class toons already and will just collect the items and get the newest promo.

A solution to this would be to have 1 item for s class like blue keys but have unique items to tier them, this would also save the insane gear needed for s class

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the way scopley introducing collectable items next S.class collection items will be to Collect 10k ‘‘DICKs’’ to get the promo.

What they need to do is add a new tab in the museum just for S-Class collections or soon they’ll entirely clog up the museum. Also, where’s the Key lime pie or Tiramisu collectables?

There is a reason they do it this way. The last time I pointed it out it was removed.

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There’s actually a well known marketing strategy that is designed to confuse someone so much so they just buy bad stuff for a huge price.
It’s very exploitative


Your so right, getting so bamboozled by all these different ABSURD collections.


Most games use shard collections just like this and each character gets his own collection. It’s not universal. Everyone is being a bit dramatic, it’s not that hard to follow. You have to choose which character you want to go for.

They just need to reorganize the museum better. Make it a tab system for S class, events and different collections.


They shoulda went with heads again (like an old event) WAY more fun to collect :wink:

Insert sexualize girl toon as the char you collect after getting dicks

Yup nothing like having unfinished prestige Michonne, unfinished Andrea, come to think of it having unfinish collections is AWESOME!
Never used again reusable items=AWESOME, please sir may I have another.

Ya I agree I used the same 3 condoms red blue and pink.No1s complained yet.:cowboy_hat_face:

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