Collection Items diluting pulls

Just pulled 39 Ice cream cones with my daily SC pull (auto updated before I remembered to cancel, a couple of weeks ago).
Checked out the chances of Ice cream cones and it’s a 10% chance of them dropping.

Now here is my issue - I am never going to collect 2k ice cream cones as I’m not going to do big pulls due to #PU (yes I know - SC membership is technically not full #PU) and also due to the rediculous item collection for new toons policy that has come into play recently.

That means 10% of my pulls have become worthless since we can’t use these for anything else. This applies to all players who are not uber whales. You are disadvantaging casual and middle spenders (also F2P who pull with league coins) by devaluing SC and normal pulls in general by 10%. Considering your already stupidly low odds, that is a huge % drop. The same goes for plushes and those who already have Romanov/those who already have 20k plushes/those who don’t give 2 figs about owning him since he’s so dire.

Now tbf, S Class is going to destroy the game anyway, but even if you didn’t release S Class, this item collection format will destroy it just as easily. The majority of your spenders are not uber whales, and a huge amount won’t spend until you address #PU issues, and stop this rediculous new format of claiming toons from 1000’s of items. Although I suppose even then many still won’t with the advent of S Class and the mega boosts you’ve given them.

You are losing money because of these things


Lady Geek, I hope you see this. Is there a reason I am now unable to tag people? I’ve never had this issue before and I hope it’s a coincidence that it’s happened half a day after I tagged JB and GR and criticised their lack of communication. Hopefully it’s just a bug right?

Collection items have put me off pulling atm, but scopely said they going to do something about having collection items I believe it’s either the collection will continue it’s use to a new collection or be exchangeable. Until then not too keen on pulling


If they didn’t allow anyone to tag who criticized jb and gr this forum would be crickets… most likely an error on your end

It’s not for us F2P and mild spenders, some Whales are going all out to get Priya and it’s costing a fortune hence profits will be up🤷🏼‍♂️

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A couple of months ago I criticised them and went as far as saying they were doing a poor job in their role. For the next week I had completely unrelated posts that didn’t break forum rules (such as discussion of tactics), not only hidden, but also deleted.

Maybe, maybe not, there are a huge amount of mild to moderate spenders, usually mild to moderate spenders make up the majority of a companies income.

They started to do this to stop single pulls

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Yep, I reckon you’re right.

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