Collection Item Pull #s

Wouldn’t it be required to disclose the amount of collection items that you have a chance at getting from the premiere wheels? I just want to know what the maximum of a collection item could be from a single pull.
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they go between 1-100
and no disclosing the odds of slices of cake is a direct breach of TOS on both apple and android

Is it definitely 100 the cap? I feel like I’ve seen people pull more than that

You have…Would be strange

Support is just saying that they don’t know the answer, not that they’re refusing to give the number. I agree that one shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to see it though.

Maybe it was red velvet cakes? Would that be different? All the more reason some clarity is needed.

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They don’t know and the forums won’t acknowledge the post/question. Calling it now.

Prove me wrong @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

Nope all cakes is between 1-100

i once pulled 500 ice creams cones on single pull when priya was on premier so not not sure why everyone saying 1-100 maximum

I have pulled 2 cakes twice

Priya and pete start was it possible to get boxes of slices of cake,
thats is not the story any more.

They posted the odds of getting a collection item they dont have to post the odds of how many you will get. It’s a loophole they can use to hide the real cost associated with an S class

Marvel Strike Force doesnt do that you can buy 50 shards for 30$ it takes 100 shards to unlock this character as a 3 star. You can then buy the offer when it shows up again to buy more shards to rank him up to 7 stars you know upfront how much it will cost to pay to max him.

Each number tells you how many shards to go to the next Star level. You need 810 total to max him out. There is one awesome kicker they give you a chance to get every toon released for free by grinding it out it will be a lower star level but you will get them

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True. It also takes a huge grind to get the gear to tier them up. And unfortunately MSF isn’t as fun to me as RTS

yes they made a change here
1-100 and extra bonus supercard at 150

Odds within odds.

So if there’s a 25% chance for a differing amount of collection items, inside of that chance it could look a bit like this:
0.2% chance for 500.
0.3% chance for 400
0.5% chance for 300.
1% chance for 200
3% chance for 150.
and then like 30% for 10. :joy:

I used random numbers btw.

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