Collection events - warning message


Can we please get a 24 hour warning message saying that a collection window is closing soon? I didn’t realize the Harvest Bags collection closed this morning, so now I have to settle for Ascendance and Legendary medals for my 76,000 corn and 5,000 turkeys. At least these are better than getting supply depot points, lol

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Hey I need those depot points so I can get an ascendable Green Glenn that will be available in 2019 as a 6*

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Pretty sure the message sent said it was closing at a certain time on 11/27…bit more important I’d like to see a screen shot that someone got 5000 turkeys. …I guess it’s possible if your spent and arm and leg but I farmed daily and used cans and so did most in my faction all got 1 pull.



Yes, the original message said the closing time. I’m asking that a reminder be sent right before it closes.

Here’s a pic showing my turkeys: