Collecting YGL crashes game

I tried collecting my ygl and when I do the game crashes. I downloaded the game on another device and it does the same thing. I did contact support, just wondering if anyone else has had that happen?

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yup, its because game thinks you are cheating… since the YGL was set up prior to new scoring rule.

Lots of people. Definitely if you have an S class in a YGL that you started before levelup, it’s broken. It might be all YGL no matter if you have an S class in it or not. It might be all YGL regardless of if you started before or after levelup.

Still getting details via discord/forums/Line.

PLEASE if this is happening to you, open a ticket to support. A flood of support tickets will get it escalated.


Not really a fair statement, YGL does not ‘think you are cheating’.

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didnt mean Dude was cheating…
think the game thinks there is some sort of exploits so it sends back to before the cause of the crash…

nothing to seee here move along~

The 60k mission is also bugged. Makes sense obviously since it does the same thing. I’ve reported it.

I didn’t even think about the point changes. That makes sense thanks!

Thanks, that’s good additional info.

Same. It happened to me. I just cant collect my YGL. And I didnt know that the renown pts are now updated.

Please open a support ticket if you haven’t already. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in same boat have rick in there and crashes when I try to collect

Additional info, using Pam to clean roadmaps while getting an S class leveled up also results in a crash


I was about to open a same thread when i saw this one. Yes it happen to me too

Oooh, thanks for the heads up. I’m an avid fan of Pam. Guess the same will happen with Governor in raids then (also make use of him against dropped defenses during raid tourneys).

Now, I’m sooo glad that Scopely has communicated the update upfront with the QoL and bug fixes and has properly ensured that everything works as intended in their own sandbox QA and a subsequent sign off throught Beta regions. We wouldn’t want to encounter any issues or game breaking bugs in the live game now, would we?

So these reports of reboots lead me to believe that the players are just making this all up or there is some sinister plot unveiling about the removal of any XP gain outside of the character enhancement using trainers…

Yes - this was meant to be an ironic jab at the ever-absent quality assurance

Im having same result on roadmap crashes with pam

Already reported. Hope they’ll fix this soon. Coz who knows when YGL will come back again.

For real mine only shows up once every 2 weeks or so

Plus they should give compensation. Coz apparently, YGL should be at cooldown now.

I was able to collect it now.

Same here. Started ygl less than 24 hours ago. Keeps crashing when I try to open