Collecting Scavenger Missions


Having just accidentally cashed in a 100k Xp scan mission for the third time in 2 weeks, ruining any shot I had in the next level up, I think it’d be great if there was a confirm option, so you can leave it uncollected if you didn’t mean to hit the icon, or you’re cycling through scav huts.

So many other features have a confirm, like selling weapons or toons, so why not scav missions? Inconsistent design is a massive pain in this game.

Or just a collect option like EVERY OTHER building that generates anything when you click the building.


Yep. Has been asked for numerous times. Usual Scopely way is to ignore


Perhaps I should ask for a design team that understands consistency, that’ll probably happen faster.


I can only recommend to place the scavenger camps on the outskirts of your town. Don’t place em near farms or material posts because you’ll be more likely to missclick.


Yeah, sounds like a good plan. I’d just recently moved my town around and muscle memory thought I was clicking a farm. Ugh.


Another option is to collect from your team selection screen instead of town view. That way you can kind of see who the characters are so you can tell what mission they’re doing. You can also name a team “100k Mission” or something to make it more clear.

Not a great method, I know, but it’s an option.


Before you would have to press collect to get the rewards, so you can open the mission see what one is is and then back out if you didn’t like it but they changed it so as soon as you click the camp it auto collects. I think this was on purpose so going back to the old way seems very unlikely unfortunately


Couldnt you just force close the app?? I havent tested it so im not sure


I have tried force close - it’s still collected.



@CombatMan QoL improvement? Many people have been asking for this for a long time.



There is already a task for this in the system, but it probably won’t be a while before it gets dealt with


Thanks for confirming it’s at least in the backlog.

It’s been a really high negative impact QoL issue for those of us who have suffered from it. I know at least 3-4 times it’s happened in my faction, and these were people planning on going top 10 etc…

If this doesn’t happen to you, it doesn’t seem like it matters. But everytime it does happen, the feeling that person has is “Time to quit the game” it’s that much of a downer


Creative, I like it

Yeah. Been there. It sucks.


Not ideal fix, after you start the mission, move that camp to the very far back of your town where you are less likely to click it


The real question is why it was changed from the prior behavior where it was recoverable. Of all the one-clicks to save in the game, the worst possible elimination was selected. Makes no sense. I doubt anyone will disagree.


There may have been bugs around it previously, I don’t recall, but I can certainly see how it’s frustrating. I imagine, as you speculated, though, that it had to do with trying to save users time with clicks.


I’m thinking no one would mind if you entered a work item to allow for a cancel operation? :pray: The only ‘solution’ currently is playing Hide 'n Seek with your Scav camp, placing it somewhere that you’re unlikely to click. For me, that’s the top of the map with the very top position reserved for YGL. Kinda silly. Even that’s not safe since traversing the camps internally once any one of them is inspected, triggers the collection on a completed mission.


As I said previously, there’s already a task to change that (have confirmation to view the results, or whatever). Not sure when it will get in, though.


Thanks for the feedback CombatMan, appreciated. From a fellow QA guy!