Collecting S class from museum

Why does 5* Priya require 4000 collectables compared to the other 5* version of S class toons Laopo and Raulito which require 2000 collectables? And to collect S class versions of raulito and laopo you need 6000 collectables plus 2 of the maxed out 6* version while priya requires 2000 collectables plus 2 maxed 6* versions. 5* Priya should be able to obtain with 2000 collectables like the other 2. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron


If you add them all up they all basically take 11k in collection iyems

I wouldn’t get too hung up over the numbers - you’ll get those toons at the rate that Scopely wants you to get them.

Even if they had the same numerical requirements, they can make it easier or harder to get a particular S-class. For example, you can get Pete’s blue keys from the roadmap. You can get fewer of Priya’s ice creams from her roadmap. You can’t (last I checked) get collectables for anyone else via roadmaps.

In the Typhoon crates, of course, you can get 100 ice creams or 100 blue keys. But there are no odds published for them. Who knows what the odds are for you or, indeed, whether they’re the same for someone else.

So - don’t fixate on the numbers. They’re just an illusion.


Because she can’t be pulled. So the gives are more and the s is cheaper. She requires a guaranteed 10k. Laopo can be done on 6k total

Still should be easier to obtain 5* versions imo. Collecting S class version should be more difficult

Laopo takes 10k total as well 2 2k collections to get the 2 that you need then 6k in collectables to turn him to S Class

Laopo can be pulled. If you pull two laopo then you only need the 6k for s class

We all know the odds of pulling him lol

Wait sorry we dont hahahaha

Are the odds of pulling her bad?

But this post was in reference to getting them from collections not pulling for them

And my reply was in reference to that. The price is different because laopo and after can be pulled. However I agree that if it’s how the system is they should edit it to be how they advertised

Yeah, Pete can be only obtained from 11k keys, but at least you won’t be required to ascend 2 of his 5* selves and Max them out.

obviously in the good bucket

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Even then I still uninstalled. I don’t like the games direction, nor what was admitted .

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Depends on your bucket

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