Collecting Free Daily Offer Crashes The Game

It’s impressive at how you fellas “unintentionally” bring bugs to your own game.

Whenever collecting the 250 Weapon Tokens (Which I actually need right now), the game crashes, restarts and does not credit the tokens. It resets the Daily offer.

However, it does not reset the Energy Count for SR, in which it made me loose 1 of 8 as the game restarted during the wave transition.

Could you guys please take a further look into this? I’m certainly not the only one with this issue.

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My game is the same way.
Go to the shop and claim+ keep surviving lucas…

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Game crashes all the time. One time it actually did me a favor. I acidently clicked on a 100k about an hour before the tourney started. Of course I was pissed at myself. Went to help out in territories and sure enough the game crashed when I was trying to drop in a team. Good news is after it rebooted it also reset my 100k as if I didnt pick it up. :grin:

So not all crashes have been bad. lol :rofl:

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