Collected 40 gold bars didn’t get knife

Not sure what happened here but these knives are key to maxing out s-class anyone can offer help?


Same issue here… answers please!

Same here, ya!

Same here

Same. I contacted support.

Btw. Why do you still have six knifes left?

I got 6 gold bars from having the club you get extra gold

I am a Club member but have only one left

Do you also do the gold radio map everyday and do the regular road to s roadmap?

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You bet

the knife isn’t in the gear inventory yet, someone forgot to press the on switch for that :roll_eyes: are we really surprised?

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How many knifes do you get from Club Road Maps? I Just checked and got only four

You must’ve missed a gold roadmap day or something because you get 4 gold from that

14 a day non sc 10 a day

You mean 5 from normal road Map and 4 from club Map?

Under which option did you choose when contacting support , like breaking new or something?

@GR.Scopely fix your game fix this problem

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Yeah plus the 5 they give free in offers everyday

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Is 10+4 SC map is 14… first map 5 free 5 then sc map 4

Thanks, almost missed that. Now its 6 knifes.