Collect all territory rewards

Apologies if this has been posted before, I did a search but couldn’t find anything.

Sometimes if I’ve been pre-occupied with work or other game stuff I might just fight in a few territories or add teams, but then quickly move onto something else. So as I haven’t been collecting the rewards as they appear it then become a tedious task of select each reward and then hitting the claim button.

I would like to suggest having the ability to collect all the territory rewards at once.



One of the devs said this was coming in a future update recently I don’t remember where the post was though so I can’t quote it for you. Pretty sure it was @Agrajag that said it was coming but i could be mistaken.

Awsome, I hope your right.

This would be a nice quality of life addition but every time we get one of those they break something else in the game so do we really want to take the chance? lol :crazy_face:

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So true. Just remember somewhere down the line Scopely will figure it out, get their act together, and make the game great and without any bugs… Bahahaha just kidding.

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This will probably be a premium feature that you will need to buy some type of crate for.

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:joy: lol dont give them any more ideas to milk ppl for money they come up with enough on their own

I’m not super in the loop on territories. Might’ve been @CombatMan.

I agree it makes sense to do if we havent already gotten started.

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Ya, I logged an enhancement for this.


Good to hear. Thanks