Collateral II and splash dmg red weapon interaction

As the title says, the question is how would red splash dmg weapon mod interact with collateral damage II?

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That’s a good question, I’m curious also.


This was answered previously in the combat thread.

If both trigger its 80%+50%=130%


This makes it hard to choose now between princess and bryan, with that splash damage, a crit mod set and his collateral 2 he can do a ton of damage! Was gonna get princess for my profile picture but bryans goofy ass face is also a good picture… Choices, choices, choices! :dizzy_face:


The collateral is a 80% of a normal atk.
Splash is 50% of a normal atk.

So if you want to maximize be sure to use atk set mods with crit chance, atk, trait atk, crit dmg, and resist of your choice.

The crit dmg maximizes against the targeted toon but not the others.

Bryan’s 50% AP gain during his rush means he should fire every other after his initial turn 3.

I was gonna go for princess until i start thinking about that set up, i bet scopely didnt think this through before putting him up for reward for this event

Collateral II is 100% not 80%

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And isn’t splash 80%? I think he got cd 1 and the splash numbers reversed. With his ar could be real nice damage.



Clearly I need to get checked for dimensia. Memory isn’t what it used to be. Perhaps I was mixing calateral 1 with splash. Lolz

100+80=180% dmg if triggered at same time

don’t forget the potnetional of crit damage mods

No longer impact collateral damage. That was patched a whole back just as. Konrad was released. It was epic before, now it’s sorta meh.

Are they added or multiplied? Most of the time, effects are compounded (like 40% leader skill plus 40% weapon skill is not +80%, but 1.4*1.4=1.96 so the actual boost is 96%).

If the effects are compounded, 2*1.8=3.6 so the effect is +260% rather than +180%.

I recall added but I’ve not the tools to verify… Yet

Added would make sense, they are different sources of damage.

I assume that splash damage cannot cd that would be silly.

Don’t know when I got it but thank goodness I got a +43% Crit Chance mod.

Isn’t that only crit chance stat and not crit chance percent? Pretty sure those are not a percent value.

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true it is shrouded in mystery

Its percent, but they patched in a diminishing returns ‘feature’ a few months ago saying it was always intended.

At the time it was in reference to not letting you hit 100% crit rate in SR for walker stages, but I presume the same logic bleeds into pvp raids as well.

This was answered in the Combat Reference Guide? I saw the question asked in that thread but no response from a dev.