Collateral damage james


Am I the only disappointed about the collateral damage done by the new s-class James?

I mean, during his AR rush one single shot gives +3000 damage to the primary target, but the others targets (hit by collateral damage) have only something like 300 damage.

So disappointing


Can you get this on video? Those numbers don’t sound right.

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Give him a full set of attack mods I have with mine and he does on average 800-1,200 damage

His rush does 2 attacks of 250% damage - whereas collateral does 100% damage. So, I’d expect the collateral to be less than he does to the main target but not that much less.

Perhaps the other toon had high defense and thats why damage was lessened i guess, the only issue i have seen with James is that he uses his AS all the time when the bar is full on defence and on Auto offence. The frequency needs to be tweaked for him to be used right on defence.


It would be my understanding that collateral will do 100% of the damage inflicted. So while his rush is 2 attacks of 250%dmg, he would do 100% of that basics 250% atk.

So this in another form.
Non-rush basic attack. Hits for 100dmg, collateral also does 100dmg
First hit of rush basic attack (250% hit). Hits for 250 dmg, collateral also hits at 100% of that 250 dmg or 250 dmg

Am I thinking of this wrong?

Yeah, I think you misunderstand the damage calculation.


Yeah cd is always misunderstood and it is pretty trash at least it doesn’t trigger ap gain now.

It still gives AP to the enemy. The next update is when it gets changed.


do you have video of this? I have found my James to be quite effective so far? May I also ask about your mod setup?


Christa cult was here

One thing I have found out with Mike that will also apply to James is that the top right mod will also help affect his collateral as that mod affects attack not damage, so it will increase his attack against them all. So if you have, say, an attack up against green, attack a green toon and crit, then you will do more damage to everyone no matter what their trait is.
Hope that helps.



check this video, 6000 damage on primary target, 600 on collateral damage :frowning:


Yall moaning about this
But like
Would you rather 60o dmg to adjacent payback
6000 dmg to adjacent payback

Meanwhile chrtistia does waste not dmg of 24k to pay pack wayland team ded
#james gnag strong add stun to him and your gonna be having a feild day :wink:

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