Cole's rifle final slot

Should I do 35% hp or try for 40% def?

I would have gone for impair ap on damage and 35 def. This way you can possibly impair 3 of the enemy toon and get his rush quick. So it’s just a taunt loop and attack debuff.

I like the disarm on it, just trying to tank him out with hp and def

There are way too many ap weapons around so disarm wouldn’t do much

Fuck it, I’m already committed to it lol

Then i would give him ap while taking damage

Personally I would go for 40% defence. He’s already got a decent amount of hp.

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This is my Coles weapon. Want him going off as much as possible and this does just that

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Is there a chance to increase the weapon‘s “a better chance” to pop disarm more often, perhaps through crit in its 1st slot or is this just “rng”? I experience strange results sometimes when I come across teams which include Cole, times when his rifle pops every turn. In other raids his weapon pops 1 or 2 times.

AP while taking damage is useless

That’s what I decided on too

Unless you get stunned.
Then it becomes your only chance for that toon to gain up some AP. :slight_smile:

I made different weapons for different situations. The impair on taking damage is the most useful. These are the weapons I did so far

I put huge ap when taking damage on mines… and more defense…

Its RNG, I believe a better chance is 35% and a great chance (Think SR enemies) is 50% or something like that

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Don’t worry about it in this current Meta
Sort answer HP is slightly better than defense due the insane amount of damage characters can do these days.

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You should mod him for defense so that it works better with his defense boost.

In plan to, just need to get some better defense mods

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