Colbert Region Recruiting - Chronic Warriors


A few of us transferred over from Troup (previously Brooks) and merged with some other guys in hope that war would be fun again. What we found was a region with one top faction (Abusement Park) and a long line of high/mid to mid level faction. Abusement Park dominated war but I wouldn’t classify them as a whale (having warred against the likes of Notorious and Legacy I think I can make this judgement). They’re beatable! More importantly war was very active so we didn’t have to suffer long wait times. Although there are tough team setups, none are impossible to beat.

The team I joined was Chronic Warriors. There was only 17 of us in the faction as we’d all only been in Colbert one week. We were still very active and managed to place 5th.

We have 13 places open which are open for anyone within the region that wants to challenge the top team, or if you have a strong reputable group of players looking to transfer for a merge and a fun challenge in an active region, message me here, in-game (ranked 21st game name W A R R E N), or we can chat on Line or GroupMe.

Like everywhere else, the region has it’s difficulties with Territories right now. But we’re trying to work it out. People are dropping strong defences to help in raid tourneys too which is helpful.


I hardly see them mentioned here, but Abusement Park (Originated in Crenshaw) is the most underrated top fac in the game. Real talk


seems like mutiny v2


Depends whether you’re referring to the Brooks or Troup version lol


The abusement park that came to Colbert is a whale Faction. Most of their original players were moved to another Faction to make way for paying players. They certainly aren’t undefeatable…but good luck winning anything cos you will see after a while how things are.


Doesn’t bother me. The players we’re looking for won’t be bothered by that either.


They look pretty Whale-ish. But as a member of Notorious, i will we da best, yo


My suggestion is get out while you can. I know them. Just go before it turns toxic and personal.


oh, version 3.0 then :slight_smile:


I hope he’s being sarcastic or I may have to fight someone


anyone wanna bet when someone makes another post saying the regions been overrun with whales ?


We accept and welcome all challengers


Sometimes trolling is good, you can see all sorts of cringy reactions lol


That’s not accurate. We had no options to replace less active members before transfers, and we didn’t go whale hunting. All the new people we brought are friends we’ve played with in other regions. All our active non spenders are still in the faction and doing great.


Did you guys leave Colbert?


Yes and more are leaving. Seems like Colbert is dying. The recent blitz is pretty much proof of that. However, I still hope that Colbert remains strong. At the moment apart from 3-4 factions competition is dead or atleast was till a couple weeks back.


Well go look at leaderboards for proof. You guys obviously had your reasons for leaving but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because the region was dying. Not going to start s**t talk about it as I may not have my facts straight (like you haven’t).

Good luck in your new region though. Should be fun with those Mofos.


As I said… I hope Colbert remains strong… and don’t want to get this post off topic so will avoid butting in further. Don’t want to get into arguments why we left and what the region is like when I am no longer in it. With all due respect I wish you guys the best cos Colbert was home for me… and honestly I think your Faction will certainly step things up there… :peace_symbol:


Down to five spots left. CRW in Colbert is gonna be good one :wink:


I’ve been singing the praises of Colbert for a while now. Abusement has been great so far - nice guys and sure they dominate, but they aren’t dıcks about it… I was really disappointed to see pistols of hilltop leave (the former top fac), but the competition in the region as a whole is fantastic. The toxic territories structure that we’re all experiencing sucks, but until Scopely fixes it, I’m afraid we’re all stuck…

If you want a big region that is incredibly competitive at the middle-high end, this is it.