Colbert (EN) Region - Recruiting for Summer

Colbert is a friendly region with a competitive top 10, looking to make it even more competitive. We’re yet to lose a CRW (as a region) so there is no need to be concerned about our region being inactive. Would love to see some new faces when the feature is out. Hope to see some of y’all come over in Summer :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also there’s a few perks of our region not all regions offer.

  • Territories are stacked no more than 9k and up for grabs whenever factions want them
  • Competitive top 2 factions (placed 1st & 3rd in last CRW)
  • Never had any VK hackers in the region
  • No huge “whales” that dominate and all the top factions have plenty of f2p players within

The list could go on, but if you want to find out you’ll have to come over and find out in summer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Pernix

Sounds interesting, I faced a few of you in war this last weekend.

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What faction are you from?

Rogue Syndicate, Conecuh

Oh yeah, I remember you guys, some of the players from over there were tough to deal with like, would happily welcome anyone from over there if they do come over

Colbert and Coosa are roughly same age. Would be a good thing if we could merge into one region.

Yup we’d be happy with you guys coming over… as long as no players like NIB are still over there :stuck_out_tongue:

What are your leaderboards like @Pernix? I am open to the idea of a friendly region without top factions full of toxic people.

I’d be interested too, sounds great

Region is fairly toxic free, the odd randoms in GC talk random crap that everyone ignores but besides that we all get along. There’s the odd bit of trash talk but all just banter. All the main trash talkers have retired. Top 2 factions are fairly similar in strength, 3-7th are all also similar levels so the leader boards during events is rarely the same (top 2 pretty fixed though). Recently just lost our 3rd place faction so a lot of good players have spread out into the lower factions and building them up.

I’m sold. I’m bringing my whole faction.

Nice! Can’t wait for the new faces coming over when this update comes out

Or else you could join Coosa. Our top 3 battle it. Sometimes #4 or #5 win a faction tournament as well. We always do well as a region in CRW and usually our #1 faction is top6 in CRW and #2 and #3 top 15.

No one in our region is planning on moving (that I know of) and we all get along so we won’t be leaving Colbert at all. This is why I’m recruiting for our region for players to come for us, as our region is like a family and we like the smaller factions we have

I have to agree Colbert is very active and we are looking forward to seeing some new faces when the merging begins :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone from top factions will move from here either. But we’ll see in a few months time. If I’m still playing I’ll do what my faction mates decide to do.

Would be nice to have 1 thread with a list of all the active regions in it.

You should put Dallas on that list too sometimes we get second to last place as a region usually just last place tho

Yeah… Then u should post that list… So I don’t have to go searching Lol