Coins removed from Season 3. Confirmed

JB has confirmed via Line, obviously, that coins have been removed from leagues and replaced with extra league tokens.

Completely unacceptable. Players have been relying on these coins, so to remove them with ZERO communication is a total d!ck move.



What’s new?

Players happy with something = take it away from them.

Players frustrated with something = leave it as it is.

Scopely’s one and only formula. Know what’s worse? No explanation given. Because they know there’s no logic behind their decision :slight_smile:


Gear is bloody useless if takes a week to restock how thick are you start using vk.


Look at it this way, you dont need to spend to buy lets say raid cans to get high up cause coins are gone and the diamond league reward is gone so just cruise and enjoy the game now. Scopely is giving us a break from spending :hugs:


That says less coins so presumably some as long as u can save up enough for migration in a month I don’t think that’s a bad deal gear is a major issue right now

Why not give League coins and a gear museum collection? Doesn’t have to be either/or. I still won’t dominate the game, don’t worry Scopely


Definitely is a dck move removing em without warning tho I was Gona migrate with the coins from this stretch and to join my buddies I left behind in old region now I’m stuck waiting shouldn’t have spent so many winning that levelup last week lol

WOW almost every mobile game even the greedy ones provides a way for players to accrue some amount of the purchasable currency by playing. Is it really that horrible to give players barely $50 worth of coin over the course of a season so they can save for the occasional pull of 4*, coin repair in war, or even purchase things in the store needed to keep the game rolling for themselves. @JB.Scopely unless you plan on replacing it in equal or better another way, pretty crappy move, cant see a single player asking for this.


Just wait the scopley minions will be posting soon


i’m not sure that’s actually JB anyone can go by that name on line. so let’s just wait if it is true than that is wrong

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Once again, jumping to conclusion it is for the entire season.


Not the ponit m8

Just shows how well the player base voice is actually considered… At one side the game is getting more n more boring with more people leaving and on the other side are the developers who Dgaf




Again idk how many times this needs to be reiterated . Scopley does not care about ftp players . If you all stay it’s a plus if you quit it does not matter to them t this point . They have other new games that are probably making them a substantial amount of money as well. Best thing to do is shut up and except it or depot those toons and delete the app


Is this where i add the ironic “keep surviving” comment?


*Lets remove coins so you can get More gear ■■■■ takes a week to restock 6 bits… no ponit for more tokens if your handing fair bit out in level ups.

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hold on, he has not been tagged here yet



Jb confirmed in a post earlier that is was deliberate

P2P will also stop giving a shit about it too…