Coins Removed from League Rewards

As was seen in the Leagues Season 3 Update - Jan 23, 2019 the majority of coin rewards have been removed from Leagues in season 3.

The structure now, as it stands, means a bronze player could potentially receive more coins per season than a silver, gold or platinum player. The announcement came after solo tournaments had taken place and after people had already spent resources/money on gaining placement.

Was this announced too late?

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  • No

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How will this effect your leagues activity?

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I defend Scopely on many decisions, but this is indefensible. They could have announced before hand.



you’ve been even more quiet than usually @JB.Scopely…

The lawyers have got his hands tied tightly


probably gagged him as well

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I guess he transitioning to the new CM that’s been hired… someone posted about him/her… GR I think

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Its the usual Scopely SOP. Annoy community, make half arsed statement well after event, disappear and hope it all blows over.

If u wana make more competition in league have it so there is a bigger difference between positions.

For example:
Platinum 1 old system players got between 540-400 coins

New system:
Position 1 gets 650 coin
Position 2 gets 550 coin
Position 3 gets 450 coin
Others in promotion zone get 320 coin
Next 20 positions get 200 coin
Next 20 positions get 150 coin
Demoted players get 50 coin

This would do the job of increasing competition but not feel like a kick in the nuts to all your players!

Atm we have a joke that in my league qualifier half the league have not scored a point since this announcement went live I’ve told my faction I won’t be raiding this weekend because I don’t wana get too higher league placement!

We have an actual race to the bottom.


I guess it was too good to be true.

650-700 coins a week is nothing really.
But it “felt” good. Because small amounts of coins
can go a long way sometimes.

I thought we finally had a good system
that was rewarding and pretty compelling.

Now this is just going to bottle neck more players just like the top 50 instead
of top 100.


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remove diamond rewards.

no weapons in league store…

this is like Wars all over again.

3, 45 rushing Characters.
Into like 10 thrash useless Junk War prizes.

It’s like they do it on purpose.
Give em something, take it away slowly over time…

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@JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely you going to listen to your players or what!

They’re listening alright and the silence should speak volumes to all of us.

They. Don’t. Care. Spend or GTFO. That’s the scibbebly way.


Can’t agree with ya more there

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Scooploopy decided coin=evil


Great video as always you bring up some nice points and while I agree with most of what you said especially how this change will not bring about more competition but instead it will essentially kill it for everyone except for the people who are already in the diamond league. And let’s be real these people already spend on pulls so giving them coins every week does very little for them but that small pittance sure did help your small spenders and f2p players who are desperately trying to bridge that enormous gap with the p2w.

Just absolutely another terrible decision from them in a long long line of terrible decisions.

Final note I don’t see how having any toons gear locked is going to help anyone. We know them they will make it take weeks if not months to collect enough without refreshing the store and you better believe the cost of each jacket and cap will be astronomical. We are gear deprived at the moment so having to use the same tokens now for special gear on top of the regular gear is just asinine and pointless like so many of the decisions they make.

Unfortunately if we want access to all the 6-star gear we have to stay in Platinum and can’t tank a season all the way down for easier future promotions. Most of us will probably tank a week and then get promoted the following week. So essentially they cut the amount of coins given in half.


I do how they xant see from multiple 200+ reply threads that this is clearly not going over well. And the ppl on the forums are a small subset of the player base. If all of us feel this way im sure were not in the minority. This is not smart.

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What I honestly feel that the silence is due to having nothing to do about the matter , Don’t expect much from JB or any other community manager they aren’t the decision makers or even remotely involved in it they are here to deliver a message to the community or report back the reaction, issues, bugs that the players display here on forums or any other platform, meanwhile the “LA guys” will be monitor this game by numbers of how much did this week promos / offers / wheels , etc sell if numbers is still going up then they are doing good.

no matter what they changed (negative or positive changes)if those numbers still on the good side they will try to milk it more even if it means a couple of hundreds quit due to tightening the rewards as long as the majority still feeding Scopely pockets.

How many spend on the product vs how many stopped spending ratio will always be the ruling factor in any business.

wether you feel disgusted or satisfied with product it’s up to you to keep using it or not, only the Crazy that keeps doing the exact same thing and expect different outcomes sorry if it sounds blunt to anyone but it’s the truth.


Apparently, Wayland needs to make a visit to EVERY thread :man_shrugging: Maybe this post will be hidden also by the Thought Police :scream:


That isn’t an announcement beforehand…

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