Coins, oh yeah!

Hey Scopely, will you consider putting coins back in leagues? From what I see, many people are retiring or either not have the drive to play/compete because… you guys once gave us coins but took them away. I’m not trying to sound like a complainer… but to give us all a chance to have coins and then take them away is still a shock to many of us.

Any way coins can be implemented again the way they were?


Nope cause we have idiots trying stupid hard for those 800 coins, spending more money/resources than they are getting in return. Those raid can stock piles last only so long. Im waiting for people to dry up as i continue to coast in plat getting rank 10, 9 or 8 so i dont promote but get coins, all the while laughing at the person using 100 raid cans to get 1st, promoted to diamond or whatever and then get demoted the next week cause they used up their cans or start spending money when it would be cheaper to buy the coins directly. Its a good show imo and i dont mind how leagues is now tbh


Ikr think it was the only thing keeping the people contemplating retirement going RIP

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The salt of your platinum tears taste delicious.

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Just hover between diamond and platinum if you can still easy coins with a little effort

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Narcy boy that makes no sense, i do this on purpose and i get coins, i even say in my post that this is better for me, herp a derp much

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Thats what i do, its easy, no spending money, no crazy grind, i move up along plat 1-5 and get coins, the need for diamond was gone when the weapon was not there season 2 and ive seen screenshots of people in diamond getting less coins than plat 3, rank 8 lol

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Coins are in leagues. They were removed from those finishing near the bottom of leagues and rightly so. Why should slackers be rewarded for not playing?

If you’re finishing bottom of anything below Diamond 1, you haven’t tried hard enough. Login and use all free energy and you’ll be in the coin zones.

Previously, the person who finished top of Diamond 5 got more or less the same rewards as someone who finished bottom of platinum 5, how is that fair?

You all survived without these coins previously and you will survive now.


Popcorn is ready and gonna watch for the baited people to comment

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they still worked keep their rank not much slacking there as deranking is easy af

Btw diamond is still getting screwed, if you are in diamond and soending more money and/resource to get X amount of coins then you are losing not winning, i and others found a loophole and habe been “slacking” while getting coins

I’m going to win platinum V and will get 885 coins that seems pretty good

Keep that loophole secret :wink:

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What loophole :wink:

I mean if everyone followed your advice and logged in and used free energy, we wouldn’t all fit in the promotion zone…

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…lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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im basically doing the same as i normally do, all milestones, but ill be fooked if i spend a meaningless 10 raid cans or more extra when theres nothing really in it for me apart from a dead museum collection item for crappy 5* dupes

my league ranking is dropping off and i dont care for it, ive got 300 coins instead of 700 and thought well this sucks but if it stops me spending more im happy to let it continue. #lastlegs

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They give and then they take…
That’s how Scopely rules.

I dig your slackers dont deserve coins comment…

BUT…it was fun having those coins, transferring regions and being that little bit more rewarded…it does keep people playing.

So people quitting over the removal is understandable…they just removed that good vibe.

Tbh my alt region acc is in low gold. Using free e puts me top 10 easy for 500 ish coins. No even worrying about main region rank anymore just stalling at plat 4.