Coins of the league, what happened?

What is your problem with scopely? They do not solve errors in territories, among others. Now they take out the gold given in the league, the only motivation to play constantly. (Sorry for my English, I’m not 100%)


Don’t be sorry to a game that disrespects you.


Good old fashioned greed. Probably realized no one is spending $10 bucks a month for the coin sub.

Take it as a sign to ease back on the game. Play the faction events and skip the solo ones. I mean just look at their idea of “rewards”. It’s pathetic.


They think revenue was bad…just wait. This is gonna hurt them.

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We keep thinking that but it won’t. As long as they keep pumping those op toons out every week the whales will continue to spend and spend. It’s their nature and scibbibly knows it. Plus with gear running low for some there’s even more potential for sales. Like a whale is going to wait a month and grind it out to get that toon t4 maxed.

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Nothing will stop those guys who post the show your pulls threads.

Scopely happened the bringers of doom.

They want to suicide, no coins from league = Suicide for scopely. Even whales want it so much as league rewards.

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oh wow…

That’s really lame.
I guess I should look at quitting more seriously ahaha

Rest in Pieces 2018-2019 (Also i feel bad for the people who spent hundreds on getting in diamond)


Takes hundred to make it to diamond? I did it through war two weeks before final Stretch knowing it’d be heated. I mean I do have a stellar roster but if have that anyways regardless of leagues.

Yea season 2 stretch was on a war weekend. Made it to diamond 5… this week will be a lot tougher with only raid and sr tourney.

Rest in Pieces 2018-2019 (Also i feel bad for the people who spent hundreds on getting in diamond)


the activity went bankrupt

I don’t think it helps that there are idiots on here who post their coin stashed and complain they don’t know how to spend them.

They probably wrote it on feedback forms/surveys too.

I would buy the 30 day pass if it cost a bit less and the freebie toons were a bit better. Like most things it needs an update.

It’s literally 10$ the value isn’t bad


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