Coins not paying out

Anyone else been told by Tapjoy that they’ve received coins but not showing up to claim in the game?


Loads of times. Scopely and tapjoy are a marriage made in heaven it seems.

I’ve given up even trying to claim them now. Send proof, wait weeks then be told I’ve already had them despite them not being awarded


check this
you spend your time on offers / tapjoy pays to scopely for showing these offers // you do not receive your coins.

who does not win anything ?.
for this reason I only watch vide

there has been times i watch videos and dont receive coins too, so its not only based on offers. it doesnt happen that much though.

videos too? are you seeing full? sometimes it takes a few minutes to arrive

I only do the game ones now… “you have to complete level 10” or whatever. The surveys always sucked. I find the game ones that you have to download and complete the mission always pay out. Some are worth it, and some require too much effort.

Yea they used to drive me crazy. Or it would be at 98 percent and sorrry your not a candidate. So yea I just do that game ones now.

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Even they don’t always pay out. I did the 10k coin FFXV offer only to be told after spending a great amount of time completing it that I never installed FFXV.

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Hmmm I got that one. There are detains restrictions. I bought five dollars in a cooking game to get some coins. Then there was a 20 dollar purchase in the same game for like 6000. I bought that but didn’t get her coins. After looking closely, it said first time buyers and I had already purchased the 5 dollar one. So that sucked but it was my fault. Maybe you have completed another offer for that game. I’ve seen a bunch of different ones for that game.

ive heard of people resetting their google play id and then they can watch unlimited videos all day, everyday.

I met all the terms and conditions, had screen shots of the offer, me completing it, etc. I had a thread here about it, Kalishane followed up with me a few times but nothing ever came of it.

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That’s really annoying.

What did you get banned from? Tapjoy?

Finished a game offer, on the Tapjoy screen it shows what’s paid and pending. 1k coin offer says paid but nothing in game