Coins missing during level up

Soo this happened to me 2nd time
After level upping some toons i saw almost all of my coins gone. At first I thought I misclicked and bought food with coins and not with gear markers. But today during level up I mostly used Food Bags from War Stash and again my coins were gone. I think I saw someone complaining about this here some time ago.

Is it really that hard to fix basic bugs or are they too bussy in creating more stupidly overpowered premium toons?

Oh no - this again! Damn this should have been fixed weeks ago.

What you have to do is go into your inventory and open you food bags first, before you want to use them, if you open your bags from the level up screen it takes your coins - some players I am told have even gone into negative coin balance because of this.

If you message in game support, they have been putting the coins back - however be warned some players age getting their coins back within ours others are having to message support several times over a week to get them back - but if you keep on it they will give them back.

First time they have me back my coins but now they are saying that i cod be abusing system and that they can only return coins once.
They are completley ignoring parts where im telling than its bug. And when I ask them where did my food bags go if I bought food with coins they just dont replay to that at all.
I already gave up on getting back my coins

I had same thing happen, they refunded the coins & said they would not refund anymore coins for the same mistake.

They also said it was supposed to be fixed with the update, this was a few weeks back.

I just stopped using the food bags via the level up screen to be safe.

Soo they know about this but still do not refund coins. This is basically scam because I lost my coins and spent food bags. I used two resources and got half as much food that I supposed to get

@TayTron please do something about this

They are admitting it’s games fault but won’t return my coins for their mistake. On what planet do we live?

I can see where they are coming, since they refunded the coins, but did not deduct the food back when you reported it fhe first time it happened. By doing it again, it looks like trying to exploit the bug for free food. Especially if they sending a message saying they would only do it once to people who they refund.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t get it fixed, but it’s easy to avoid doing a second time after you realize it’s happening.

I get it, but after first time nobody from support told me that there is such bug nor there is any official statement that prevent players from doing it. First time it happened I thought I accidentally bought food with coins not gear markers.

How about, and i know this is a bit of crazy out there suggestion in a scopley world, things are tested correctly to make sure they work as intended before pushing an update to the game out.

if i made this many mistakes in my coding id be sacked

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