Coins... How are we supposed to get them

How am I as a f2p player supposed to get coins if I can’t watch offers or do any of the offers if all I keep getting is a message that there are no offers at this time and to try back later. There is no more later now.


Shopping in the store??? Duh!

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Pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :slight_smile:

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Levels (complete sentence).

Find yourself a Sugar Mamma? :wink:

Wondering the same.
For the past few days I can’t watch any videos since it says they’re not available (and yes, I do click multiple times). Meaning I DON’T GET DAILY VIDEOS LIKE I’M SUPPOSE TO.

Not doing offers cuz tapjoy has effed me in the past and scoply doesn’t even intervene or care to. If tapjoy screws you its a ‘‘too bad for you’’ and thats effed in the head and I just can’t deal anymore.

I also use scav camps but they are NOT CERTAIN. And it does fail.
So what other choice is there for an f2p? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Reach lvl 150 you should get a handful of coins

Speaking for myself, I’m 10levels away from max. Then what?
It’s not really reliable when there’s a CAP and god only knows when it will be updated.
Cuz ya know they’re so busy taking coins away from leagues (unless you’re promoted or in diamond) they can’t even use their brains to come up with a better solution. Like roadmaps or events that rewards coins.
They want them to be exclusive, so exclusive it makes you wanna buy.
Smart business wise but dumb enough to show they don’t care about enticing or engaging players and the explanations we get are 100% BS talk just for show.

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BINGO !! That’s what all mobile games are about, it’s not made for people entertainment as long as they’re making profits no one care about anything else

Watch videos…you can get 150 a day plus tapjoy coin offers

Did you not read the ops issue? He can’t watch videos. …


It’s simple to get coins… you shouldn’t have done anything during this seeding period… then you are in the lowest tier to start next week. Promote yourself (apparently 1-3 gets even more)… then take a week off to get demoted. Rinse and repeat. You will only lose half the coins assuming the rates stayed the same.

I’m already screwed, I’m going to have to tank quite a few events to get back into the bum league

You can get coins by ads or M O N E Y

Quit this game and stop caring. Can’t give a better advice.


I wasted refills during raid tournament. :confused:. Now Im demoted to plat two.

I can watch videos for coins so your internet is broken or your device is broken

What I want to know is. If you play in more than one region can you now claim coins in your less high ranking region if you haven’t also been promoted in your higher region?

Buy them duh

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