Coins from Watching Videos Disappear


I’ve run into an issue lately. I binge watch a ton of the videos in order to gain coins. I’ll usually end up watching 100 or so before I collect from my inbox. My inbox will have the little red circle with a “99+” in it. I go to the rewards section and I always count the number that I collect. Today I collected 50 of the 99+ before they just disappeared.

Last week, I contacted CS because I had the same issue. They said they looked on their end and could see the coins waiting to be collected in my inbox. They were invisible or something. Clearing cache, stopping, restarting, uninstalling, reinstalling, and messaging CS 4 or 5 more times, they just magically reappeared.

@CombatDevIl, @CombatMan, @Dash…is there some sort of hard limit regarding the number of rewards a player can have in their inbox? I can’t think of any other reason as to why they would just disappear. I probably have quite a bit of those rewards just chilling in my inbox right now…


Banned by tapjoy


That’s a very helpful reply. Thank you for that.


Tapjoy can ban you and take back uncollected coin rewards if they think you are using a VPN to generate more offers than you should be seeing. Not sure if that’s what happened to you but that’s why I always collect as soon as they show up.


Wow I can only watch near 30 at one day


They can also ban you if you reset your advertising identifiers to get more videos. Found this out the hard way (didn’t think through that this would be an issue for them lol) but after a time out they let me back at the trough.


Ahhhh. Thanks for the info, but I’m just a dude with no life. No VPN, no other stuff going on, just laying around trying to get free stuff.


@kalishane, @CombatMan, @CombatDevIl, this is how CS let’s us down. I’m to assume that they’ll show up eventually? Nah. They won’t.


To be fair to shane and the combat crew, I think this is more of a tapjoy issue. I’ve had mixed success with their support, but raising a ticket with them is, imo, your best option.


I don’t know about that. The rewards are in my inbox, I just can’t see them.


I hope this doesn’t come off as me being an ass, but maybe collect your coins as soon as your vid session is over. Also, put a ticket in with Tapjoy. That way you will know if your account has been flagged for excessive activity. Do you use the tap joy app or just go from the in-game screen?


For videos I go in the RTS app, for offers I go through the MyTapjoy app. I’ll put in a ticket with them as well. Thanks for the advice!


No problem! I’ve been dealing with tapjoy for a while. They are skilled in the art of ripoff. I’m always happy to help!


That happens to me sometimes, they usually show up after a day or so


Same happened with me around 10months ago, but not only with coins. Other rewards disappeared too. I contacted support, they gave me back my stuff. Since then, i am not able to write to support in-game :slight_smile: