Coins from scavenger missions

Hi, does anyone have any screen shots of what scavenger missions give coins? And what teams to use? I know there’s some charts out there but tbh am just lazy af… thx :slight_smile: :pray:t4: :pray:t4:

Yes, those ones

It’s all Russian…


This is LadyGeek’s one I believe, Always worked well for me. Just setup a few teams, and use em when the missions pop


Ok thx nightstalker. I tried to get olive branch as close to possible as what the chart shows. But the team grade wasn’t the same. Also, does the chart mean any of the 3 toons can be the command? I was unsure and threw in a command just in case. I hope it doesn’t make the mission fail.

Coins are minimal. Watch videos.


Yeah I’m watching videos as well. But figured If I can farm some coins across multiple regions they’d add up fast.

Team grade is only relevant to ensuring the mission is a success. Any combination of trait and persona will work, just need to have the ones that are indicated as being required to get the bonus from the random encounter

Thank you, I’ll keep those charts saved

You can find the originals here:

pretty much you have to have a command toon

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