Coins for prize?


I have seen 5 star tokens, medals, and toons for prizes in tournaments before. Any chance maybe one tournament you could give out coins as a prize? Just a thought thanks.


Probably be a “chance for coins” bag if that even happens


I was surprised they gave coins to level. I tried in a few regions but seems it was per account, not region.


Yep, it has always been once per account leveling in multiple regions won’t get more coins.

Regarding OP, I wish they would give coins as prizes. Most every other game I’ve tried gives their “top currency” out as prizes in at least some events and tourneys. Bottom line, it encourages spending spending.


Old war


15 coins for first place? Lol


That was beta if I’m not mistaken


It might have been in beta too, but that SS was from the first 12 person war my faction in Berrien finished


This is never gonna happen lol


Better than smelling salts :stuck_out_tongue:


Coins for first place in a war battle will dismantle some factions as far as sniping.