Coins disappearing during level up (DONT TIER UP YOUR TOON USING FOOD BAGS)

So I noticed on my both accounts during level up i lost few k worth of coins…
so when you are out of food and choose to level, you are given 3 options… (inventory, coins, markers)
If you choose inventory and get food(1mil food bag) from inventory and click close inventory window, you are immediately sent back to the character screen performing the level up instead of the 3 option(inv, coin, marker) window.
I have noticed when this happens, you will have very rounded number of food and( 1,000,000 or 600,000 etc) some of your coins are deducted.

Sometimes you are sent back to 3 option screen(inv, coin, marker) and you can choose marker to finish the level up… when this happens, there is no deduction of coins, since the level up was finished with a marker.

I am assuming the bug happens when the food you get from inventory is over the amount required and the warning pop up is not triggered. instead the food you collected from inventory is kept as remainder and the coin is used to compensate for the missing food prior to collecting from inventory…

I lost few k of coins so far til i realized the coins were being drained slowly.

I think there was a mention of something similar before… This is not user error but a bug that needs to be addressed.

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So i was able to replicate the bug… It wasnt level up but tiering the toon up.

when you are tiering the toon up and you lack food, if you choose inventory option for food and close the window after collecting your food, the food you collected from the invetory remains while the food you had before and coin is used to compensate…

For example: if you have maxed out 5* T1 toon and want to take it to T2 but you lack food… say you only had 12,000 food.
Then choose inventory option to collect food bag. Say you collect the 1,000,000 food bag.
Once you click close on the inventory screen your toon will do the tier up action and you will notice that you now have 1,000,000 food and you lost some coins.

I am sure i am not the only one losing coins…

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There are already threads that highlighten this issue. Yesterday I even commented on one of these threads.

Same issue on my end. I used bags and coins disappeared.

Yes, there are multiple threads, one of the first is here:

The big issue is, almost every player got compensated by support eventually (sadly the OP in that post got compensated a week after everyone else) and said not to use the inventory option, yet there was no pinned thread, no in-game announcement for players to be vary of this bug…


This is a terrible bug - people pay for them coins with actual :moneybag: they have had heaps of support tickets about this issue, plus us talking about here, and I imagine its a topic on the other platform. Ridiculous


This should have been sorted already


Happened to me, got the coins back and they did not even bother deducting the food like they did to others. Luck of the draw when it comes to support.


I didnt see the thread and just wanted to give heads up to folks before they lost their shirt.

This definitely should have been addressed asap. I am sure lots of folks lost coins and dont even know if they did since the drain is subtle at times.

Nothing like being stolen right under your nose

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I only realised what happened to my coins because I saw one of these threads.

They only fix things fast when it directly costs them profit. Anything else they take their sweet @ss time fixing.

I guarantee if this were adding coins to accounts instead of deducting them this would have been patched within an hour at most.


I used so many of those bags, I’ve no idea how many I used during faction level to tier up!

Can’t imagine mass compensation on something like this…

Ok, here I come support.

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yup, this is a HUGE issue.
like you Luci, many of us used bags for level ups and dont realize how much coins were being drained.

How far does this bug go back i wonder?

And yes Ironandwine, if situation was flipped as you mentioned, the game would have been brought down and patched within minutes.

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

Please address this issue… lots of people unknowingly are being ripped off.

Just looked, this atleast goes back to 7/19 when Johnwick posted… This can very well go far back as 6/24 when the level up update went live…

Just imagine all the coins players were being robbed.


It probably has been there since the new levelling system was introduced, but we’ve recently been given a lot more food bags so it’s become a more common issue.


The thread is closed now and it happened to me also.

I sent this to them. It’s appalling that there isn’t any in game announcement made on this… this is coins, ppl work hard in league rankings, doing tapjoy offers for a bug in the game to take it away.

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger @Shawn.Scopely can an in game message been created pls so customers are aware not to use the 1 mill food pages via inventory option when levelling up cos this is ridiculous and for this to be a know issue with no in game communication about it isn’t right. Thank you


As expected, I just got some random generic answer that I used my almost 900 coin for 600k food during levelup. :man_shrugging:

I’m missing about 500 ish. they have no record of it :man_shrugging:

This is exactly what just happened to me. Had 1,000,000 coins left after taking a 6* Aarav from T1 to T2. So wasn’t sure what had just happened and used the food to go up to max level T2 then went to use food from inventory again to go to T3 only this time I wrote down coin amount. Still had exactly 1 million food again but missing coins.

Scopely taking a page out of the opportunist’s playbook :rofl:

So thats what happened. Thank you

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