Coining during war

War should be the ultimate test of your faction’ s strategy, teamwork and team set-up. Sadly it is becoming more and more a coin battle.

My suggestion is probably not new, but I will mention it anyway…

Can you limit the number of coin repairs to 1 maybe 2 per person per war? That way we come back to a proper strategic fight and it won’t be decided by the faction with the biggest wallet.



Haha funny post​:joy::joy:


Strategic fighting? No such thing with infinite life lol


You really have to remind me when during 2 year history of wars it wasn’t coin fiesta but instead strategy, teamwork and premiere toon fiesta, cause I can’t remember. Coining even isn’t that bad now, I was in wars with 10+ coinings per single battle.


stop complaining about coining kid.

It isn’t nice to say thing like that, tell him to “Gиt good”

Coining is trash and ruins the game but its a massive money spinner for Scopely so they’ll never limit it. Even low ranking factions have been coining this war when they had no chance of winning. Absolute madness


I always like to see coining, short sighted people are my favorite people. And pulls, more the merrier.

Coordinated coin repairs, in conjunction with proper counter-attack strategies, can have a huge impact on the outcome of a battle. There’s a big difference between that, and the cowboys who immediately coin every time.


Call me crazy but I think there should be no coining. You go down your out for 10 min. Go down again and your done.

Never gonna happen because $ and the top factions have no problem paying to win every single match. Way to big of a cash cow for scopes. From a business standpoint I get it from a player perspective its cheap and lame in my opinion.

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Nooo, that would mean you would have to actually have a tactic, base battle on tactical advantage tower control (+30% is not improving gameplay, nor were 50% bonuses that is just lame), coordinated attacks, work on team build etc. It is better like this, towers +30% somethin, trash, coin this, buy from premiere, cash out win - all that people love. And that is why this game survives on 0.01% of players.

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Waiting 10 minutes and seeing ur faction having a hard time is also lame in my eyes.
I agree they could set a limit but not like u say.

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Well there has to be some kind of penalty for going down. If they made blitz rules the standard I would be fine with a 5 min cool down. If the battle stays an hour I don’t see 10 min being that bad of a penalty. Things are open for debate. No right or wrong answers just suggestions. We all know in the end nothing will change. Scopes is a business and the job of a business is to make money. The more people coin the more money they make. It just always seemed like a cheap tactic to me. So it’s not about who has the better def or who used a better strategy but who coined and use used the most cans. That’s how victory is decided for the most part and sadly that is not open to debate its a fact of the game.

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Coin you lose period lol. At least thats the way my faction sees it and we still enjoy the game :slight_smile:


That’s never going to happen. Scopely is a business, coins are their premium product.

Strategy vanished when people started to attack with 6* Ezekiel. Sorry dude

Not really, strategy is on standby. Premiere pulls + dumb coining are in.

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Our region have no coin wars. It’s easy speak to leaders of other factions and have agreements.

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never going to happen because that would take $ out of their pockets. did you just start dealing with scopely lmfao

Nice, which region? You guys seem to have your heads screwed on properly. I just raided a guy with an alert team of mainly premium toons with 4 stun guns. 3 of them were the premium $100 a go offer that was available recently. For $300 you could send a child in Africa to school for a year. What happened to peoples sense of perspective? Yes this is a fun game but they’re just pixels people!