Coining back not repairing camps


4 times spent 100 coins to repair and it took my coins but didn’t repair my camp. Has this happened to anyone else?


It’s a very old problem, Might have to leave war and rejoin. That’s if your fast enough before being destroyed again.


Use 100 coins for “increased chances” at repairing your camp!


So helpful lol. I haven’t encountered this myself, but I haven’t coined :stuck_out_tongue:. Sounds lame tho


Here you go… admission that the coins went missing but of course it was my devices fault. I get 500 coins isn’t a lot but be damned if im gona let this go.

Large volume of activity strikes funny to me also. 10x the people playing this a year ago and stuff like tjis never happened.


Lmao. This stuff gets funnier by the day. An admission of a problem yet they won’t refund.


That sucks bro


Just get a refund for those coins? You have admission that there is a problem on their end and they admitted they aren’t going to do anything about it.


Definitely not letting this go. Its blatantly not giving goods for a service.


yep had similar issue last war, took coins didnt repair.

they admitted it was an error but wont refund or compensate in another way for their error.

Easy part is they loose a customer. wont spend on this game again. just playing till the monthly runs out and then burn through all my stockpiles and then its done.

dumb part is it was an easy fix to appease the customer (neither of these are big costs at 50 or 100 coins) but they want to screw you over.


After a day back and forth with scopely support nothing, called google and got a refund. Scopely continues to make themselves look like complete asshats.


That is the whole point, so deadlines would pass and you would miss oportunity to compensate spent money. Cs doesn’t have any other function but to spin things and buy time.