Coin went missing

Bought 2300 coin pack and went to pull 10 premier recruits, suddenly game restarts and my coin went missing. didnt get any toons either.

They arent missing, you just got scoplied


This happened to me with my free daily recruit

show screen shorts of ur purchase receipts in support and it should be easy to get ur coins back

Gone,Reduced To Atoms

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I’m assuming your game crashed, if that’s the case check your roster.

Took two years to get a response lol

Idk if that 10 pull is worth it fam. I did hella single pulls on elena with sc and not anything good


yea. Someone in discord said they did a free trial. GOT 4 ■■■■■■■ 6 STARS.

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How tf did someone randomly find this 2 year old topic, why wasnt it locked

lol i just realised that too, wtf 2 year old topic