Coin transfer not working


My coins from league play aren’t transferring to my main region. Is this issue being worked on or am I doing something wrong?


That depends…you bought a key with 1000 coins? Maybe that’s the problem :1


If your talking about leagues you only can collect from one region from what I have read here.


Thank you, Ironandwine. I’ll look into the league topic & see what I can find.


It’s true. You only get coin rewards from the league of ONE region. So if you play in two regions, you only get rewards from one of the two (the highest ranking one)


Sounds like another one who tried to farm noobs is let down…


You can’t get coins from multiple region’s. Read the message in the alternate region. It will clearly say that coins can only be received in your highest placed region and then will also state which region it is


I think this can be solved until you reach the target. Once you reached over there your coins might gets transfer over there.


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