Coin Sale joke in offers

Cant write sale when 75% chance of higher price.
RNG in coin sales, you are surely trying something fishy


And we know which set of coins we would get already :wink:

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yes the precentage that get lower in this “sale” is not in our favour

Like i go in to buy my favourite cereal on sale.
But pay for that brand but walk out with surplus brand

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This game was always a thinly veiled casino game but now I think legally its gonna have to apply to become a true gambling app. We can literally put 100 bucks into this slot machine and get even less back then buying the coins normally. It’s not even lootboxes for items now its literal currency

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But call it opportunity or great deal or something but a sale is a sale.

Hey Scopely fuck you.

If I pay you money for coins, give the right number of coins.

Sick to death of the gambling on everything. This is unhealthy, and your avarice is shameful.


What do that package cost?!
This marvelous SALE cost $79


£72, roughly the same in dollars.

so we get different sales? thought we all got the same

I currently don’t see that offer in my game.

Lucky you

£57.74 for me

Everyone run quickly to the nearest exits!! This is not a drill, RUN!






I had thus a couple of days ago

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