Coin sale did not work

I purchased the 50% more coins sale but did not receive the coins although they still charged me can you fix this @GR.Scopely

Does anyone have jb line?

He doesn’t work here anymore. :joy::joy:


He still gets results

Act like you going purchase something by clicking but not buying sometimes that works.

How?? :thinking:

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What u mean? I’m not buying anything else

He has connections I suppose

Yeah. But he doesn’t have anything to do with the game anymore. I’d try in game support.

Lol u know they are completely useless and I tried

I think he means to pretend you are purchasing something but when apple or google asks you to pay cancel out of that

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I just think this is grimey af they charged me and I got nothing at all now I gotta chase both Apple and scopely for a refund or the coins I paid for

Dont buy coins or scopely dont fix the game.

Working as intended!

I haven’t for awhile figured the sale was decent so I tried trust me that was the last I’ll spend on this game I’m use to getting junk pulls but nothing is a new low

Had this happen to me when I have internet issue. I just go back like I’m going purchase item by clicking then just decline the deal. Or try restarting your game

The deal is gone now

Trying with a different offer

Get on the phone to Google, Apple, Amazon or whoever facilitated the purchase and get them to sort it out.

In game support might help, and it wouldn’t hurt to try, but paying for something and not recieveing it is a scam which your app provider will be happy to deal with.

It’s theft basically

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