Coin rewards in only 1 region


Nice one u greedy bastards


Kinda saw it coming…


Yeah, that was my first thought as well… f bastards. Would be a little bit more correct if they told us in advance… But yeah, this is how things work in this game… pretty sad


I played two main region. new and old region i place both 3rd in those account… i work my ass off getting in 3rd place for both. But only get one? Thats fucked up scopely you should just tell us that from the start.


I did maybe 20…time wasted for nothing…


@JB.Scopely any comment here?


Thats maybe another extremity, but many people playing actively in more than one region, with real contribution, and may even spend coins to get in to a higher tier, thinking it will result in a higher total coin… ehh… but yeah was expected that is too good to be true.


In the beta worked this way, so no surprises.


Should’ve been mentioned before Leagues started… That’s really f’d thing to do not give rewards in the all regions a player competes in.


ask people who play in Beta about that stuff… Getting coins in more than 1 region was never the case, so there`s no one to blame for that but yourself for not looking it up


Yea, it sucks, but I expected it because… Scopely. I have been playing actively in a few regions for over a year now – I didn’t just join them to try and game the system – so it’s frustrating to have done all the work but only be rewarded the coins once.


that was really a shock for me, as a f2p player it was my only way to get many coins, i played in many regions since league started to get the coins, thanks alot scopely for this,you should have given f2p a chance to get many coins by playing or at least should have told us from the beginning so we don’t waste our time on nothing.


Wow i should blame myself? Wtf you talkin about i read all the description how the leagues works… wtf should i need to find a beta user to get an answer? Thats scopely job. For failing again to properly inform players. alot of players play a legit two account ever since 5* era.


Honestly this was totally expected… Sucks as hell but expected. I tried a bit on my alt region too so I know how it feels


yes i totally agree many players play different regions way before 6* came into play and they do play actively also…so does this no coins from different regions is asking them to stop playing multiple accounts and regions by scopely ??

IMO the best option would have to put some controls in place and limits such as one has to score such points in all events or reach a certain level of team strength etc…etc to qualify for those coins ! instead of allowing only one region to obtain those coins @JB.Scopely


Lol, this is exactly why they limited it.


I played in old region and a new region before transfer was a thing… but it was too late to give up one. i was hooked up on both regions. So i tried to play on both accounts… i looked up the leagues introductions and it doesn’t say anything about coins. If i knew about this (“not because i should find myself a beta user for an answer”) i would have made a choice if i should spend coins to get top 3rd on both. Scopely fck me up on that options


Many others posts said that… that coins will be reward in your highest region only


Gee maybe i should scroll down and click every post that does say about that. I see the description/ introduction I expect to see the answers


Hm where is the big deal here? Everyone who complains now, had 1 week time to ask here if the coins are rewarded in every region. But why did nobody ask? :thinking:

Are you all greedy, too? And dont ask here, in a hope scopely didnt care about that? If so, you have my laughing.

I feel sorry for all players who really play on more regions. So scope should check again, if a player is greedy or really into more than one region.