Coin refresh gear map


You have starved us of gear too long please make at least a coin refresh for gear map /or just make it so we could farm gear again please!


Apparently their plan is working. Players want to spend coins to run the daily roadmap again…

How about just the old version… You know the one that allowed us to use world refills and get a reasonable quantity of gear pieces…


New map but with a twist. It’s 7 days a week and of course completely farmable.

Easy, simple, lower cost, and it would make the players happy.

So it’s never gonna happen.


If you’re willing to pay to reset the map why not just pay for gear? I’d prefer this map to be left as is and the old farmable ultra and elite maps open up on alternating weekends, so 1st and 3rd weekend of the month is ultra and 2nd and 4th is elite. I really don’t like the idea of having to pay any amount for gear we used to be able to get for free.


You can pay to fefresh your depo so i figured we have more chance of getting something like that . But yes old gear map back would be awsum .


I’m at a point in this game where i have more knife sheaths then i have night vision goggles.
Congratz scopely, u changed something that didn’t had to be changed at all.
Coining to refresh a gear map nobody wanted, good luck with that.

Also releasing more citizens instead of hunters all the time could solve some of the issues players have with gear but i saw someone saying the same thing like a year ago so i expect nothing of this.


The old gear map isn’t coming back but let’s keep posting about it :slight_smile:


Elite rare gear map? That doesn’t count and it was once in 6 months lol that’s not coming back, that’s more like making a brief appearance


Considering the historical reality of the game, your saying that because something happened once that it is official and will defiantly come back? There is no pattern of this map coming back and the fact they gave us a map for only 4 star characters seems pretty clear that things will not be going back to the way they used to be


So your telling me it’s nonsense to say the map “isn’t back” and at the same time your not saying that the map “is back”? It seems like your just picking the opposite side of the argument just to be an asshole but that doesn’t matter to me, some people enjoy the pleasure of sitting on a nice wood fence.

I stand by my previous statement that the map “isn’t back” and farmable maps are in the past. We can complain and cry about it all we want but it’s not going back to the way it used to be so it’s basically a waste of time. Either way it doesn’t bother me I have plenty of gear and it’s entertaining to see people this concerned over a mobile game. At this rate I’m hoping it never comes back :slight_smile:


I don’t see how thoes two things relate to the current situation at all, gear map gone for 6months and replaced, 6 stars continue to come out over time. Using past behaviour to predict patterns or outcomes is only logical. You are the one who seems to backpedal just for the fact of having an argument, a weak yet strongly worded argument, I’ll give you that.

The gear map was replaced, the replacement was updated, there is nothing except one rare gear map over the last 6 months to tell or show us that change is coming or even acknowledged.


Your argument and your insistence to use strongly worded phrases makes me laugh. I am in fact insisting that the old gear maps are not coming back, regardless of this last iteration (it has NOT returned). And for you to jump up on your soap box because of one appearance just goes to show that your grasping at straws. When a company pays someone money to change something and when they program this in to a weekely occurring map they are putting the old ones to rest. We haven’t seen a ultra rare gear map since the summer and with all the updates and changes they are making even the youngest children could connect the dots to see where this is heading. Keep living in denial but I for one am happy with the new changes and the direction this game is headed.


Excuse me? I never once wavered from my position of the old gear map being gone and the new one replacing it. You seem to be the one redirecting the argument and trying to overshadow my points with your use of sesquipedalian words to distract from my original argument. “The old gear map isn’t coming back but let’s keep posting about it :slight_smile:
To say the “effort” was put into running them concurrently is a stretch, and having a victory lap is not unheard of. If you want to keep up this charade be my guest but I can only do so much to prevent multiple posts like this filling up the forums just to be ignored and deleted.


You WILL need some popcorn and maybe a dictionary and some free time! If I could draw you a picture I would but chances are you would miss the point on that too. Pictures may say a thousand words but if you can’t conprehnd them we are stuck at a crossroad. I never once used the words “regularly” or lap“s”. I will give you some time to reread the posts when I laugh hysterically at your attempts to prove me wrong! The maps are not coming back “ever”, “regularly”, “sporadically”, or “in any intervals”. I hope I made that clear so I don’t confuse you.


Wow, nice argument about irrelevancy. :joy:

On the other hand, there is no other hand…:star_struck:


Lol Oh you guys :joy:

Scopely keeps things like the old farmable gearmap in their back pocket for when they REALLY screw something up. Just like how we got the Parts roadmap when they had to cancel war.


Thing is, give me just one day of that farmable gearmap and I’d farm the sh** out of that thing haha. Forget a weekly one. It’s not going to happen … ever. I just want to see it pop up once :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: