Coin lock button needed

@Parker29 I am sure there’s a right way to get this to you, but I dont know what it is, lol. Suggestion for PC… can we get a lock button for coins? So we have to unlock before spending? I was at 7.2 coins… rushing to buy gear from league store, and dropped 4k coins refreshing varnish. I am f2p, and it was a painful mistake that is easy to do. Thanks!

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Tagging the right Parker would be a start :wink:

I do like the idea. It was actually suggested a couple weeks ago as part of a new town building function. (There was an added part to it, but fundamentally you could lock a chosen amount away)


Rushing to buy gear but ended up clicking on varnish? Odd

Support might be able to reverse your purchase

Lol, the right Parker would help! I’m glad its been suggested, thanks man.
I was kinda buying everything in the league store, tbh, just didn’t notice varnish was sold out, Bane.
Good idea moog, tried that, supports response was, and i quote… “Hahahahahahaha”

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