Coin gate scandal

This topic has made me laugh,many people who are f2p had a chance to gain coins from scopely for free but yet decide to moan that p2p players are doing the same thing. Everyone moans what scopely do on a daily basis but yet when you have a chance to shaft them people don’t bother and sooner inform scopely about it. Idiots!!!


Funniest part is one of the main moaners about this in one of the big line groups happens to be in several coin loading chats as well… :rofl:

Thank you for sharing your opinion in a brand new thread. Because I was worried we didn’t have enough threads with everyone throwing their own 2 cents into the debate…


Made to suffer

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Its only going to get funnier when scopely announce the potential Rollback :smile:

that’s worst case scenario
Tbh I see them locking us in our facs and regions
A more easier scenario to carry out
Still scopley are the ones who are truly fucked they lost a lot of money which is a good thing because what they do now doesn’t matter because they cant get their lost money back
Hope all f2p and p2p realise that it’s not us that are fucked thus time

“Still scopley are the ones who are truly fucked they lost a lot of money”

That’s debatable really, did Scopely actually lose too much? I would bet that a large % of people that gained from Skullgate were not the kind of people to spend a lot anyway, I’m certainly not a huge spender, although my gains from this whole affair were negligible (a few thousand coins but didn’t pull anything of worth and I sacrificed some fire tokens to leave my fac whilst FA was ongoing).

In all the faction hopping I was doing I didn’t see many of the top facs emptying to participate… generally they had 1 or 2 spots open and where just opening up for everyone to get in and out.

It was however a lot of fun going on the scavange for rewards, there’s definitely an idea for a new event somewhere in all this… as long as the rewards are decent.

Negative coin balances.

Let them keep their loot but work it off.

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Maybe they can start by doing so to the non Euros who can watch vids while Euros can’t :joy::joy::joy:

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I would say that they take the coins back from p2p but leave it to f2p.i’m p2p and got 16500 coins, I agree with them being taken if they let f2p coins there, this is the only chance to balance the game a bit at last

Let’s get one thing straight. Scopely didn’t lose money. Coins are pixels and cost them nothing. They lost potential sales of those pixels. They are also a short sighted greedy company and show their true colors anytime something like this happens that benefits all players across the board. They can stop gap and fix an issue like this at the drop of a dime, but real issues go unresolved for months on end.

I do suspect a rollback is possible with some effort…but I do not think they should do one as it will only infuriate the masses even further and drive more paying players out to pasture


You Know what helps? A blog post on a famous game site summarizing the current state of the game.

Once the state of the game has become public, I’m sure the CEOs will respond

(This has worked out once in the past already #albertweight post)

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